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BMC TrueSight

BMC TRUESIGHT Integration AYEHU INTEGRATES WITH BMC TRUESIGHT TO PROVIDE IT OPERATION TEAMS WITH AUTOMATED REMEDIATON OF INFRASTRUCTURE ISSUES, WITH NO CODING REQUIRED View Ayehu Integrations About the integration Ayehu’s automated workflows can be triggered by alerts received from BMC TrueSight ;Once the workflow successfully remediates the underling issue, Ayehu updates TrueSight to close the […]


Why Taking a Liberal-Minded Approach to Knowledge Management is the Key to Success

Knowledge management is the process of curating, structuring, disseminating and auditing knowledge with the goal of maximizing efficiency and optimizing how an organizations operates. The problem with traditional knowledge management, however – and one that has become increasingly evident over the past several months – is that it’s somehow become pigeon-holed into focusing almost exclusively […]



This Hackathon is a virtual event. You will develop your workflows and activities form your work or home office, during the event.

The event will run from September 14 to 30th, and all development work and entry submission must happen during that time period.