Managed Service Providers

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Reduce downtime and improve Incident Management processes

One of the greatest challenges for managed service provider (MSPs) is remotely managing incidents across multiple client sites. The complexity of applications, databases, monitoring tools and infrastructures is further intensified by today’s highly virtualized architectures and cloud-based applications. As an MSP, you are challenged not only with quickly identifying and resolving issues to meet service level agreements, but also with optimizing your resources in order to remain competitive, expand your business and increase profitability.

Ayehu eyeShare for managed service providers (MSP) helps you meet these challenges. Providing a comprehensive Unified Incident Management solution, eyeShare lets you centrally manage, automate, and support a large number of remote data centers from a single network operation center (NOC).

Designed as an agentless solution, eyeShare supports a range of communication protocols (SNMP, WMI, SSH, TELNET, HTTP), and integrates with a range of IT systems, monitoring tools and helpdesk solutions.

Using eyeShare for MSP, you can:

  • Automate problem-resolution processes across multiple sites and systems
  • Capture and automate repetitive maintenance tasks
  • Combine automated scripts with remote human decisions, using bi-directional communication channels (Email, SMS, phone, IM)
  • Automatically escalate issues to speed up problem resolution, using sophisticated notifications and alerts
  • Manage all activities from a centralized Dashboard-a fully customized event management console
  • Receive alerts for selected events to enable remote control of incidents
  • Issue reports for clients on historical incidents and resolution statistics
  • Access critical information and execute tasks from your mobile device

Business Benefits

  • Improve services – by speeding up problem diagnosis and remediation
  • Optimize resources – by automating tasks and freeing up time of existing personnel
  • Increase profits -by handling more clients without expanding resources