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Autonomous Resolution for Alerts & Service Requests


Experience the Next Generation of IT Automation

Your AIOps isn’t complete without Automated Resolution – the ability to take action in response to alerts and IT Service requests and resolve them in seconds.

Ayehu NG is an intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration platform built for the Digital Era. Powered by machine learning algorithms, Ayehu acts as a force multiplier, driving efficiency through a simple and powerful, web 3.0  automation platform for IT and security operations. Ayehu helps enterprises,  save time on manual and repetitive tasks, accelerate mean time to resolution by 90%, and maintain greater control over IT infrastructure. As an agentless platform, Ayehu is easily deployed, allowing you to rapidly automate tasks and processes, including interoperability across disparate solutions and systems, all in one, unified platform.

Easy to use, no coding required
Highly scalable and flexible to deploy
Powerful interoperability across IT and security solutions
Machine learning driven decision support

Codeless Workflow Designer

Easy to use—no coding or programming required— workflow designer enables rapid adoption and time-to-value, with an extensive pre-built library of activities and end-to-end workflows.

Hybrid deployment with hyper scalability

Deployed at major enterprises supporting thousands of business processes, Ayehu effortlessly scales to support organizations with a significantly high volume of incidents, workflows and activities. Ayehu can be deployed across platforms: on-premises, or in a private or public cloud. Ayehu can also automate routine, repetitive tasks over hybrid infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud. 


Ayehu integrates with intelligent chatbots enabling the creation of  IT ops-oriented, zero touch, virtual support agents (VSA). The VSAs utilize NLP  for automated IT knowledge base navigation, monitoring and alerting, ticketing, and infrastructure provisioning, and more.

McKinsey&Company has selected Ayehu as a “best-in-class solution” that includes pre-built integration with existing systems, and libraries of IT bots that can be configured by end users for ease of use.

Ayehu NG integrates out-of the-box with Slack, MS Teams, Alexa, IBM Watson and more, to automatically handle routine IT requests.


Machine Learning Driven Decision Support

Leveraging proprietary, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Ayehu provides decision support via suggestions to optimize your workflows and dynamically create rule-based recommendations and insights.

API-based Integration hub

Accelerate your digital transformation and achieve greater agility, flexibility and resiliency by using Ayehu as a central hub to orchestrate complex workflows involving multiple systems, including triggering automated remediation from AI powered tools (AIOps) .

  • Seamless integration – no coding required
  • More than 70 pre-built, out of the box integrations available – integrate with common ITSM & ITOM tools, monitoring solutions, applications, and cloud infrastructure 
  • Additional activities and connectors available on GitHUb , and supported by our large developer community
  • Create your own reusable connectors with a built-in SDK 
  • Convert any REST API into a workflow activity easily 

Ayehu Live Dashboard

Ayehu LIVE provides a central display of incidents, generated workflows, real-time key performance indicators and statistics. With Ayehu LIVE you can view the online status of Incidents and workflows, manage critical events and take proactive actions to avoid degradation in critical operations and services.

Activity Designer

The Activity Designer allows you to create custom activities tailored to your specific needs. Start from a basic activity template which will guide you in how to create the activity.

Use the Activity Designer to build custom activities that do exactly what you want, exactly how you want it. Use these custom activities in workflows just like you would any other activity in the system. Develop on your timeline, to your specifications, completely independently. And once you are done – you may contribute those activities back to the community.

Key Features & Benefits

Get work done while you sleep with the Workflow Scheduler, allowing you to execute non-critical tasks outside business hours

Rollback changes to workflows, with version control, allowing you, to review, compare and revert to previous versions if necessary

View the Audit Trail, displaying the logged details of each workflow executed (time, activity, status, result, etc.)

Associate workflows with keywords through tags to quickly search and return commonly used workflows

Receive alerts for selected events to enable remote control of incidents

Easily set workflow permissions, ensuring proper access levels for team members

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