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Intelligent Automation Radio

Episode #56: How Intelligent Automation Will Empower People, Transform Organizations, & Improve Our World – Pascal Bornet

Pascal talks about the monumental work he and his co-writers recently completed. Our discussion ends up revealing how automation raises the importance of the employee experience to the same level as the client experience, the key to getting middle management on board supporting a digital transformation, and the three most important metrics which best capture the effectiveness of automation to an enterprise.

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Intelligent Automation Radio

Episode #55: Is It Time To Start Hiring Digital Coworkers So Human Staff Can Spend More Time With Customers? – Roots Automation’s Chaz Perera

Chaz explains to us why Digital Coworkers succeeded where other bots failed. Along the way we’ll learn what the magic number is of automatable processes organizations need to have in order to justify establishing their own Center of Excellence, why a bot’s greatest value might be freeing up staff so they can spend more time with customers, and what a future with Digital Coworkers might look like.

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