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Intelligent Automation Radio

Episode #49: How One Man’s Automation Journey Took Him From Accidental CIO to Unconventional VC – Ridge Ventures’ Yousuf Khan

In this episode, we’ll learn quite a few insights from Yousuf in this discussion, including when it’s better to use artificial intelligence versus automation, how IT executives can prepare themselves to become CIOs, and why the CIO Group Therapy Dinners he started have not only led to better CIO decision-making, but better features in technology products.

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Intelligent Automation Radio

Episode #48: How Microsoft Will Change The World (Again) Via Automation – Microsoft’s Charles Lamanna

In this episode, we’ll learn why the shifting ratio of repetition to creativity within a given task will determine which automation type it’s best suited for; the automation skills one should master to position themselves for success in the future; and what the single biggest disruptor for automation will be over the next few years.

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Intelligent Automation Radio

Episode #47: Telling It Like It Is: A 7-Time Silicon Valley CIO Explains How IT’s Role Will Radically Change Over The Next Decade – Mark Settle

Pulling back the curtains on life at Silicon Valley IT departments is a specialty of our guest on this episode, Mark Settle. As a 7-time CIO of companies such as Oxy, BMC Software, & Okta, Mark reveals quite a bit in his latest book “Truth from the Valley, A Practical Primer on IT Management for the Next Decade”.

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