IT Process Automation

eyeShare is an agent-less, Enterprise-grade, IT Process Automation solution that automates the manual response of an experienced IT operator, offering a key advantage over human involvement: response time is instant and automatic, executing instructions that you pre-configure (without any programming). This means that eyeShare will resolve virtually any crisis that you can define a solution for in advance.

 Workflow Designer

Using  eyeShare’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, and its library of hundreds of  wide-ranging pre-built activities and workflow templates, you can easily customize or create any workflow process that runs in response to a  crisis, or as part of a scheduled run-book. Just design the workflow by dragging and dropping the activities in the order you want them to execute, and add in any relevant decision points or alerts.

Rule-based Engine

Our Rules Engine provides for extremely granular analysis of each incoming problem  alert,  before launching the most appropriate workflow to remediate it.

Schedule Workflows

For routine tasks, our Scheduler lets you “set it and forget it”, leaving you confident that tasks like clearing caches, or archiving and migrating files happen consistently, independently and on-time.


  • Provides real-time status of incidents, ownership, severity and priority.
  • Predicts Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) based on historic recovery times.
  • Reports in-depth on problem resolution performance – incident resolution rates, SLA breaches.
  • Delivers a complete toolset for continuous improvement of your process.


eyeShare integrates out of the box with most major monitoring systems and help-desk  platforms, providing custom-designed actions specific to each, and supporting their native protocols, whether on Windows or Unix.


eyeShare is a stand-alone system, that requires no other software. It’s also agentless, so you don’t have to install it on hundreds or even thousands of servers.  Finally, it’s very flexibly deployed, and can be installed on-premise or hosted, on a virtual or physical machine.