eyeShare for ITSM

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the predominant framework for how 21st century organizations plan, deliver, operate, and control IT services for their customers, using the appropriate mix of people, process, and information technology.  With Ayehu eyeShare, IT organizations can increase their ITSM platform’s value by adding process automation that significantly extends ITSM’s functionality.

Benefits of Combining ITSM & ITPA

ITSM is great on its own, and IT process automation (ITPA) by itself provides a lot of value.  However, when you combine the two together to enable IT service management automation, your organization reaps much bigger benefits.

    • Reduced need to depend on people, as best practices are clearly defined and IT automation is leveraged to allow technology to do the heavy lifting
    • Less people dependency brings with it a greater cost savings to the company as a whole
    • Significant reductions in human error
    • Accelerated and improved incident response process
    • Greater IT service delivery process, which improves both internal service levels and external customer satisfaction

These results clearly illustrate that ITSM automation is the future direction for leveraging both IT best practices and sophisticated process automation tools. Where one alone can be powerful, combining the two takes business benefits to the next level.

Incident Management

“With the eyeShare product, communicating with ServiceNow has become very fluid, so creating tickets and tracking their status is very easy to accomplish in a very short amount of time.  Not only did this save us a large amount of development hours to integrate Solarwinds Orion with ServiceNow, but it will also reduce the support hours needed as these systems require future upgrades.

The most exciting part is that we are only on the cusp of what we can potentially achieve using IT process automation The future is certainly looking bright! ”  Sr. Systems Engineer, LexisNexis

4 ITSM Operations You Should Automate Today

Once you’ve combined ITSM with ITPA, there are many things you’ll want to automate.  Here are the top 4 processes we’ve found that are most popular among our clients:

Configuration Management & Service Assets– For ITSM automation to run most effectively, integration with the CMDB is critical. Automation can keep CMDBs current and consistently up to date, leading to a much higher level of accuracy.

Actionable Service Catalog – An organization’s service catalog contains an organized list of any and all information and business technology-related services performed by the enterprise. Furthermore, an actionable service catalog provides the ability for end-users to request services on-demand as well as perform self-service tasks. ITSM automation can help enhance this feature, benefiting both the user as well as the IT department.

Change Management – ITIL should be closely aligned with a company’s change management strategy. Given the importance of a clear cut policy for managing change, ITSM automation can support any and all change initiatives. Change tickets can be opened, updated, & closed via automation while adhering to established approval procedures to ensure proper compliance.

IT Financial Management – Establishing a cohesive integration between ITSM automation and IT financial management is no longer optional. It’s a necessity. Successfully achieving this enables portfolio owners or service providers to maximize output and match growing demand. It also provides a number of practical benefits from a logistics standpoint, such as simpler reporting.

Integrating ITSM with ITPA

eyeShare’s ITPA capabilities can be easily integrated with just about any leading ITSM platform, including:

      • Cherwell
      • SysAId