eyeShare Notification and Escalation

eyeShare automates alert notification & manual escalation procedures.
How do you manage your alert notifications & escalation procedures in today complex IT?
How do you accelerate response to critical incidents, make sure proper assignment to improve customer satisfaction?

IT Operations & NOC managers are under intense demands to meet SLAs, providing better service to their customers. With Ayehu eyeShare for Notification & Escalation (N&E) Management Solution IT operations and Network Operation Center (NOC) managers can automate their entire incident notifications and escalations procedures, a closed loop incident management.  gaining better control over their incident-routing communication to their employees and customers. Automating alert notifications to IT operations will significantly improve your application, service availability and reduce the MTTR.


The benefit of eyeShare Notification & Escalation

  • Assign incidents without human intervention
  • Remove human error, inaccurate call-process and manual escalation
  • Real time event management, no delays no mistakes
  • Remote incident management and resolution
  • Guarantees delivery of critical alerts to the right personnel
  • Unified alert notifications and escalations management
  • Resolve incidents faster

eyeShare for Notification & Escalation features:

 Immediate Contact with Incident Owners: eyeShare Bi-Directional Notification Engine

How it Works: eyeShare not only defines responsibilities and escalation. When an incident occurs, it automatically notifies the person responsible by any of these methods:

  • Two-way SMS, Email and Instant messaging
  • Telephone-eyeShare comes with text-to-speech capabilities, enabling it to call IT staff and deliver incident information over the phone.

Defining Responsibilities and Escalation – eyeShare Global Shift Management

How it Works: Ayehu eyeShare’s web-based Global Shift Management module allows you to define a full shift schedule and escalation paths, specifying exactly who is responsible for which problem at which hour of the day.
This allows you to define in advance who is responsible for different types of incidents at any given time, eliminating the effort of seeking an owner for an incident.

 Ensuring Someone Takes Ownership of the Incident

How it Works: eyeShare doesn’t just send out notifications – it asks if the person notified can take responsibility for the incident, waits for a reply, and performs escalation if necessary.

  • Eliminates the effort of seeking an owner for an incident, cutting incident resolution time.
    If the person notified replies and takes responsibility, eyeShare defines that person as the owner for the incident. It then starts an automatic incident resolution workflow, and notifies the incident owner when a decision needs to be made.
  • If the person does not take responsibility for the incident, eyeShare escalates the incident to a superior, as defined in the escalation path.
  • If a group of people are notified, as soon as one takes responsibility, eyeShare can contact the rest to let them know they can stand down.