eyeShare Run book automation

eyeShare Run book automation is the leading product for automating repetitive, manual tasks, freeing up scarce personnel time and improving service levels. From simple, repetitive IT tasks to complex processes spanning across multiple IT systems, eyeShare efficiently automates procedures while keeping you in full control over execution; combining human decisions and human skills with automated IT Processes.

Templates for easy Run book automation

eyeShare offers a rich library of run book automation templates that cover a wide range of system, network and application tasks. Each template is designed as a workflow containing procedures, control-flow conditions, and triggers for a specific environment. The visual Task Designer lets you modify and customize templates without writing a line of code.

Schedule or trigger processes automatically

Routine tasks, such as freeing up disk space or file management can be scheduled. Other run book automation workflows or can be triggered by specific events or conditions. For example, unlocking Active Directory accounts, or restarting a Windows Service.

Respond quickly to critical incidents

When critical events occur, eyeShare automatically triggers a workflow to remediate the problem. It also sends alerts to enforce problem ownership, and invokes escalation procedures if a response does not arrive within a designated time frame.

Manage and control execution remotely

eyeShare lets you control run book automation workflows remotely from your mobile device. ‘Decision point’ steps embedded within workflows pause execution to receive remote instructions via SMS, IM, email, or phone. For example, an automated script may send an SMS message informing an IT manager of the server status, and enabling to either confirm a server restart, or alternatively perform some other action. Based on the response, the script then branches to execute tasks.