QA Engineer required to join Ayehu – Tel Aviv


As a Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer, you will work with a team of developers and product manager to maintain a high level of quality in Ayehu eyeShare product. The fast growing product needs a high-quality QA team and testing, testing, testing!


  • Ensure that eyeShare product working perfectly in high-quality
  • Write and execute test plans, file bugs, and communicate with the team about issues
  • Expand our end-to-end manual tests and create automated test coverage
  • Work with Engineering, End Users Support, and Product Management teams


  • At least 3-4 years of experience in quality assurance or equivalent
  • Programming experience, especially in a professional setting, a plus
  • General facility with technology, able to learn new technologies quickly
  • Excellent communication skills, Highly detail-oriented, Smart and gets things done
  • Commitment to quality and a positive, collaborative attitude and approach to testing
  • Self-motivated, Comfortable working in a fast-paced, constantly changing atmosphere
  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical field preferred

What makes a good QA Engineer

To test efficiently a product, the QA engineer must know it well enough. This sounds obvious must unfortunately, this is often under-estimated. Knowing well the product includes also knowing how end-users expect it to work. Again this may sound obvious but remember that the biggest part in testing is black-box testing. The QA engineer must have a “customer-focus” vision. But a good QA engineer must also know how the product is designed because the more you know the product, the better you’re able to test it. However, the QA engineer will have to analyse the design only after his black-box testplan is completed. Indeed, knowing the design can widely influence the test strategy. It is better to first write the test plan with a high-level vision, then getting more and more information to refine the testing. Source:

Location: Tel Aviv
Start Date: April 2015
More information: email us at

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