Customer Success

The Path To Automating
the Enterprise

Create your automation roadmap

In order to truly generate measurable benefits across the enterprise, your automation roadmap must be aligned as closely as possible with broader organizational goals. To start laying the groundwork for digital transformation, here are a few recommended steps to follow:

Identify use
cases & pain points

potential ROI

success Criteria

Assess level of
knowledge among the team

Set clear roles & responsibilities

Start education process as soon as possible

Select a few
quick wins


There are many factors to consider when identifying processes to automate as part of your enterprise automation roadmap. Generally speaking, Ayehu recommends starting with low hanging fruit that will generate quick, early wins, and will qualify under one (or both) of the following 2 categories. How these questions are answered will inform your prioritization scheme and get you well on your way to cutting costs and increasing your organization’s return on investment.

Drive Operational Efficiency

  • Is it important to modernize or optimize the process?
  • Is it important to eliminate manual / repetitive work from the process?
  • Is the process run frequently and/or time consuming?
  • Is the process managed by someone leaving your organization
    who’s the only one that knows how process runs?

Avoid Downtime / Prevent SLA Breach

  • Is the process mission critical?
  • Is the process complex?
  • Is there a lot of potential for human error in the process?
  • Is it important to enforce consistency for this process?

Onboarding & training

Ayehu’s customer onboarding process is designed to get your automation and orchestration efforts up and running quickly so you can minimize your enterprise’s Time-to-Value while maximizing its Return on Investment.  A detailed framework will cover every aspect of your onboarding, including:


Initial Implementation


Create an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)

Ongoing support while continuing the automation journey

Create an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE)

Ongoing support while continuing the automation journey

* Onboarding is led by a dedicated Customer Success team committed to helping you hit your organization’s automation goals.