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William Moore, Network Administrator, Joplin School District

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Financial Services Firm

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Department Store

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Telecommunications Organization

Learn how a leading multinational Financial Services Firm achieved 15% savings and a 40% boost in productivity in less than a year.
Learn how America’s largest Department Store saved 1,500 man hours and nearly $500k in less than a year.​
Learn how a leading International Telecommunications Organization improved response time by 90% through intelligent IT automation.

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Global MSP Reduces Service Costs by $3M

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Major School District

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Learn how a global Managed Services Provider improved response time by 98% and slashed service costs by more than $3 million per year!

How a Major School District is Using Automation to Maximize Efficiency and Optimize Their Budget

A multi-national retailer cuts time to onboard new employees by 80%, saving $485,000/year with Ayehu’s intelligent Automation Platform

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Health Care

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F500 Financial Service Firm

A leading not-for-profit Healthcare provider meets IT budget cut challenges through automation

A Fortune 500 financial services firm reduces cost of database management by automating routine tasks