The Ayehu GitHub Community

Open collaboration is a core value at Ayehu – become part of our community and share your knowledge with others, while benefiting from their contributions.

Our GitHub community is an open-source repository that contains over 100 Ayehu workflow templates, and the source code for Ayehu’s built-in activities. You can use these to shorten your time to value by leveraging workflows and activities created by the community.

But there is much more. Are you looking for an integration with a product that is not built-in to your Ayehu NG release?  Ayehu’s GitHUb community may have the solution you need!

Contribute to the Ayehu GitHub Community

Custom activities can be developed by end users with Ayehu’s Activity Designer. To learn more about Activity Designer, check out the Activity Designer Overview, or take an on-line course in our academy to learn the basics and advanced features, and become a certified developer. You can even build a full-fledged new integration using our SDK!.

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