Password Reset

Ayehu NG lets you eliminate the overhead associated to Active Directory password reset by automating the process and freeing up Help Desk team to do more urgent tasks.

With the Ayehu NG IT process automation, a Help Desk person receives a request for a password reset and can use Ayehu NG self-service portal or send an email with the user name. Ayehu NG runs an automated workflow that resets the password in Active Directory, and then sends back the new password to the Help Desk person.

Features and Benefits:

Tailor to your needs

Keep in mind that this Active Directory Password Reset workflow can be easily be customized to your needs. Add a notification step so that an SMS or mail is sent to an IT person; have Ayehu NG deliver the password directly to users via mail/SMS; or let Ayehu NG perform any additional action, such as closing a support ticket, as part of the process. Use Ayehu NG’s visual workflow studio to drag and drop additional actions and steps.