Manage VPN Connections​

With Ayehu NG you can quickly automate all your VPN management tasks such as VPN account unlocks, issuing, extending or replacing authentication tokens, or resetting, opening, and closing VPN tunnels.

Pre-packaged Automated Workflows

With Ayehu NG’s visual workflow designer, you don’t need to write a single line of code. Use pre-defined workflows and activities to easily automate VPN management tasks. Or customize workflows to your needs by adding notifications, control flow and logic – using any of the 500 pre-defined steps.

Support Work-from-home Situations

With so many employees now getting the green light to work from home, the demand for VPN is going up substantially. Subsequently, VPN access issues for both employees and contractors are also on the rise. This places a tremendous burden on IT personnel, many of whom are already overworked and lacking appropriate staff and/or resources. By automating this workflow, remote workers can be up and running quickly without adding to the IT team’s already overloaded schedule.