Onboarding and Offboarding Users

On-boarding new employees and offboarding them is a complex, lengthy and error prone process. Using Ayehu NG’s pre-built templates for employee on-boarding and configurable activity blocks, you can create detailed on-boarding workflows without writing a single line of code.

On-boarding a new employee requires creating accounts, checking and granting permissions, providing passwords and sending notifications for multiple systems. This process can take several days when done manually. Offboarding is a riskier process than onboarding, from  both a legal and a cybersecurity perspective. Ayehu NG automates and streamlines these processes.

Features and Benefits:

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Reducing wait times by automating processes and dropping the error rate of the on-boarding process to zero greatly enhances  employee satisfaction. When new employees enjoy a more streamlined, efficient onboarding process, it improves their sense of belonging to the organization. This is a key metric in long-term retention, as multiple studies show