Server Patching

Ayehu NG augments your patch management process by automating pre- and post-patching activities. Automating these activities ensures thoroughness and compliance with organizational standards.

Ayehu NG’s integration and automation capabilities allows organizations to use best-of-breed tools for all aspects of the patch management process. It complements dedicated patch management solutions by automating all the activates required prior to patching and after patching. Ayehu enables you to easily incorporate ITSM platforms and notification tools into your change management workflow.

Features and Benefits:

  • Automatically trigger the patch process via submission of a change request to your ITSM solution or by sending Ayehu an email
  • Selectively apply patches to a list of servers stored in Excel spreadsheets, read and parsed by Ayehu
  • Easily take VM snapshots to create rollback points prior to applying the patch
  • Automatically update ITSM tickets following conclusion of the patching process with details of what was patched
  • Notify people and groups about the status or completion of the patch management process, via email, text, or even by phone
  • Supports all major ITSM platforms, VM tools and messaging systems, including ServiceNow, Cherwell, BMC Remedy, JIRA, VMWare, Azure, Twilio, Everbridge, and PagerDuty

Do It Your Way

Don’t get locked in to your patch management software’s one-size-fits-all rigidness –  Get the flexibility to make your patching workflow conform to your way of doing things, instead of the other way around.