The Role of IT Automation in the IoT – Is Your Organization Ready?

The role of IT process automation in the IoTIn the IT realm, perhaps there is no bigger buzzword than the IoT, short for the Internet of Things. With billions of connected devices and experts predicting tens of billions more over the next five years, it’s become a necessity for businesses to prepare accordingly. To do so, organizations must first understand exactly what the IoT is, the impact it will likely have and the role of things like IT automation in terms of security. Is your company ready? Let’s take a look.

What is the IoT?

Just because the term IoT is relatively recent doesn’t mean the actual concept of the “internet of everything” is anything new. In fact, we’ve been living in a hyper-connected world for decades now. Every time you check your email on your smartphone or conduct a mobile banking activity, you’re engaging with interconnected devices, apps and systems on a daily basis.

But if Gartner Research’s prediction that the number of connected devices will surge from 4.9 billion in 2015 to around 25 billion by the year 2020 holds true, organizations must be prepared to handle the tremendous amount of data that will be coming in through all these connected areas. More importantly, they must find more enhanced ways to protect their own sensitive data.

Automation will be the key…

With so much connectivity and subsequent data, being able to keep up with the volume while also maintaining optimum efficiency levels simply won’t be possible with human workers alone. IT automation will be the key to bridging the gap between human limitations and technology’s capabilities. With automation, data can be instantly collected and seamlessly passed between devices as it’s simultaneously being analyzed.

Another important area where IT automation will provide the ideal solution will be security. As the IoT continues to grow at an incredibly fast rate, more and more vulnerabilities will be exposed. Cyber criminals will be waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of compromised systems to the detriment of businesses. Once again, human workers will find it impossible to stay on top of all the incoming threats, especially as the number of connected devices grows.

IT automation can help fill in where there is lack by acting behind the scenes to automatically identify, analyze and prioritize the hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of incoming threats so that nothing is allowed to slip through the cracks. As a result, infrastructures will be stronger and the potential damages caused by a breach will be limited.

Like it or not, the IoT is coming and it’s coming fast. Make sure your business is prepared ahead of time by investing in IT automation to maximize efficiency and fortify your security strategy.

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