The Secret to Innovation Is…

The key to innovation lies in the ability to quickly identify and resolve frictions. Easier said than done? Not necessarily – provided you have the right tools in your corner. That’s where the power of AI, machine learning and intelligent automation come into play. By leveraging these technologies, organizations will be better prepared to pinpoint roadblocks and pivot accordingly to unlock new opportunities.

The Process

In order to identify problems within workflows, there needs to be a process put in place, and that process must involve mapping out the complete journey of that workflow from start to finish. Hidden within this flow of events is where you’ll find those gaps and imperfections. And chances are, the more detailed the workflow, the greater the number of frictions you will encounter. That being said, the more frictions you find, the greater the opportunities to innovate by solving those issues and streamlining those workflows.

Upping the Ante

The whole process of laying out a workflow and identifying problems is nothing new. In fact, it’s been employed by top organizations around the world for eons. The problem is, because this process has historically relied on human effort, it’s naturally prone to errors and oversights. Here’s where technology has become a real game-changer.

Not only does AI and automation dramatically speed up the process of monitoring workflows and identifying issues, thereby streamlining processes, but because it’s capable of providing users with improved access to knowledge, it’s empowering users to self-serve. The result is a powerful synergy between human and machine which is enabling enterprises to truly up the ante in virtually every area of operation.

Automation = Innovation

Thanks to rapid advances, not only are we able to use automation technology to explore and identify frictions, but artificial intelligence and machine learning can also present new and expanding solutions to those issues. This capability is becoming one of the most powerful tools for decision-makers, who no longer have to rely on fallible human suggestions, but can instead choose from recommendations derived from real, quantifiable data.  

In fact, unlike human analysts, AI is capable of sifting through mountains upon mountains of raw data and then convert that data into invaluable insights and actions. With intelligent automation, we are able to gain a new understanding of what’s happening in both the physical as well as the digital arena, as well as the context in which these things are occurring. With these insights, we can then take action, whether it be by informing, alerting or closing the loop.

If, in the past, we considered the question, “How can we solve problem A for person B,” intelligent automation changes the game by asking, “How can we automate this process and make it more intelligent?” As such, the solutions we’ll develop will ultimately take us beyond the human user to learn what’s standing in our way, predict and plan next steps and incorporate automated actions whenever and wherever it makes sense. By leveraging the power of intelligent automation, we are essentially shifting responsibilities from human to machine.

Putting Ideas into Action

It’s easy to write about how AI and intelligent automation has become a game-changer in terms of innovation, but how can organizations actually put this into action? There are two critical questions to ask:

  • Given your available data and existing assets, which behaviors, activities, processes or environments could be made more intelligent through automation?
  • What, if any, gaps exist within those physical assets and data? Which devices, tools, applications and analytics capabilities could be added into the mix to capture data more effectively and further the goal of automating?

When you incorporate intelligence and automation into your processes and operations, you’ll be able to expand your portfolio of ideas and identify newer and better opportunities as a result. And that’s where true innovation can be found.

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