Selling the Benefits of IT Process Automation to Your CEO

Selling the Benefits of IT Process Automation to Your CEOAs most IT professionals are painfully aware, convincing the powers-that-be to invest in any type of technological tool can be challenging. IT process automation is no exception. Yet, adoption of ITPA has been proven time and again to provide significant and substantial benefits to businesses at the enterprise level. If you’re already on board with automation but could use a little help selling the concept to key decision makers at your organization, here are a few pointers to get you started.

First and foremost, you cannot effectively get your CEO and other executives on board with IT process automation until you’ve made sure they understand precisely what the benefits are to doing so. Ideally, a pitch to these high-level individuals should break down each specific area where ITPA can potentially make an impact and, more importantly, exactly how. Some of these areas include:

SLA Management

The IT department’s ability to consistently meet service level agreements has a direct impact on the overall performance of the organization as a whole. It should be pointed out how IT process automation can help busy IT personnel not only meet these demands, but actually exceed them on a consistent basis.

Optimization of Resources

The allocation of workload, particularly in IT, should be handled with the goal of maximizing efficiency and productivity levels. Want to convince your C-level execs that ITPA is a wise investment? Show them how much money they’re paying highly-skilled workers to do mundane, repetitive tasks, such as password resets. Now show them the ROI of transitioning these tasks to an automation tool and watch the light bulb go on.

Reduction in Incidents

How much would a potential system outage cost your business? Without the right tools in place, the chances of such an event occurring – along with the subsequent damages – are much higher than your CEO and other executives are probably aware. IT process automation can help augment existing systems and make this entire process much more effective from start to finish, thereby reducing incidents and mitigating damages.

Enhanced Security

Surely those in senior-level positions at your organization have seen or heard about the many cyber-security breaches that have been in the news over the past few years. It’s important to drive home the reality to decision makers that no organization is safe from these types of attacks. IT process automation can provide the extra level of protection necessary to proactively identify threats and guard against potential security breaches.

Ultimately, what it will likely come down to is calculating the true, quantifiable benefits of ITPA – i.e. the actual dollars and cents that can be saved. Doing this involves a very basic formula. Simply identify the time spent on a given task that could otherwise be automated. Then multiply that number by the frequency with which that task is currently being performed manually, the costs associated with each of those man hours and the number of months in a year (12).

Time Spent on Task x Frequency/Month x Cost/Hour x 12 months = Yearly ROI of ITPA

There’s no question that automation is the perfect tool to improve business operations at every level, but convincing those who control the purse strings isn’t always easy. Planning ahead and knowing what areas of emphasis (as highlighted above) can help seal the deal and get decision makers on board once and for all.

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