Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Cyber Security

Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Your Cyber SecurityThese days IT’s primary focus is on saving money at every corner. As a result, many operations have chosen to outsource some or all IT functions with the idea that it’s more cost-effective than keeping staff in-house. Other companies that are smaller feel they don’t have the resources to handle IT and therefore have no choice but to enlist the help of an external service provider. While this may be a sound business decision in many respects, one area you might be much better off keeping in-house is your cyber security. Here’s why.

First and foremost, the risks associated with turning over your cyber security to an outside source are obviously much higher than when you keep that task under your own roof. While a security service provider may offer protection against external threats, like hackers, trusting an unrelated party with your sensitive data or intellectual property could potentially open your business up to a whole host of other damages even beyond what the would-be hackers could inflict.

Another reason you may want to rethink who should handle cyber security for your business is control – or rather, loss of control. When you hand over security to an outside party, you must then accept and adhere to the terms that they set forth. For instance, your outsourced cyber security provider may require that your company use specified security software or may propose certain hardware requirements. Changing these things without written permission could breach the contract and land you in legal hot water.

Finally, when you rely on an external resource to handle your cyber security, you are at their mercy in terms of service level agreements and support. How will they respond to incidents and what is their promised turnaround time? What type of protections do they have in place and how frequently are these provisions updated? The realm of cyber security is one that is ever-changing, and if the provider you select isn’t diligent about staying a step ahead of hackers, you could be at greater risk than you realize.

But what other options are available to you? You may acknowledge that the above factors are, indeed, cause for concern, but feel powerless to change things due to budgetary or staffing limitations. The good news is with the right tools, technology and approach, you can easily bring your cyber security incident response in-house without having to break the bank or hire an army of security professionals.

It starts with a secure monitoring system. There are plenty of high-quality, affordable options on the market, such as SolarWinds and Intel McAfee. These applications serve to monitor your network to detect any potential threats. The second step is integrating automation into the mix so that when a potential incident is detected, it can be automatically evaluated, verified, prioritized and addressed accordingly. This can be handled almost entirely electronically with little to no human input needed.

The resulting closed-loop process is both highly effective and completely affordable, even for companies with limited IT staff or smaller budgets. For a small investment, you can further reduce risk, regain and maintain control and manage your own cyber security without the need for third party assistance. And getting started is as simple as downloading the eyeShare product now.

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