The complex technical infrastructure supporting your enterprise creates two risk factors every day:

Loss of productivity or business, Wasted time on routine maintenance.

Professionals in Enterprise IT departments, MSPs, NOCs or SOCs all face different aspects of these challenges, but all can agree about well-learned truth: A computer handling thousands of complex tasks in a fraction of a second, multi-tasking 24/7, can spot problems — and react to resolve them — a lot faster than humans can.

Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation solutions streamline the detection of critical problems, assure their escalation to appropriate individuals, and in most cases, trigger a resolution that can be either authorized by that person or completely automated, based on pre-defined rules. All smoothly integrated with your existing monitoring and help desk systems.

When IT drives your business, success is measured based on uptime, quality of service, and the cost of keeping both at exceptionally high levels. Read more about our specific solutions for IT Operations, MSPs, NOCs, and SOCs.

IT Operations-A better use of time

IT Operations

A better use of time

IT departments would rather develop solutions to core business problems, making a substantial impact on corporate productivity — and profitability. Instead, the distraction of repetitive, mundane tasks steal their time. Read more »


Network Operations Center (NOC)

It’s all about up-time

A client with an SLA is paying not just for your technology, but for your escalation and response procedures when things go wrong. See how eyeShare eliminates downtime by 90%. Read more »


Security Operations Center (SOC)

It’s always just a matter of time

Cyber threats are all around, and your response time means the difference between saving the day and dealing with disaster. eyeShare automates detection, analysis and remediation, updating you along the way. Read more »

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers

Clients have trust Issues

Migrating to the Cloud can be a profound shift for a client — one that requires trust. As an MSP, you’re accountable for the functionality and performance of someone else’s business. Here’s how eyeShare helps you earn that trust…and keep their business. Read more »