Cloud Management

Automate manual IT tasks and workflows across physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. Rapidly move from your on-premise data center to the cloud.

“My team is actively managing a huge number of projects on any given day. We really don’t have the time or the resources to spend managing our middleware. Yet, at the same time, maintaining control in-house was important. Not only did eyeShare have out-of-the-box solutions and templates that matched our needs, but it was pretty much plug-and-play and has been a breeze to maintain. It’s made our jobs so much easier.” – Philip Herner, Project Managers for SO Delivery, Service Management, IBM

Sample Use Cases

Virtual Machine Provisioning

IT Systems contain a wealth of useful data for security use cases, but data sharing between these IT systems and Security is often limited and slow. Ayehu automates responses to typical security questions, eliminating manual responses to request tickets and wasted time waiting for data.

Shutdown Remote Computer

Often times security teams only find out their systems were not working correctly after the fact. Security systems fail to detect threats, leaving organizations exposed. Ayehu automates the testing of security systems periodically to make sure they actually work and are up to date.

Halt development and test instances during non-working hours

Compliance and internal audit controls soak up a lot of staff time. Manually implemented controls are harder to audit, wasting yet more resources and potentially leading to audit findings. Ayehu automates repetitive control activities and drive control consistency for easier audits and fewer findings.

Cross-Platforms IT Automation Deployment

Cross-Platforms IT Automation Deployment

Integration Ecosystem

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