Cloud Management

Automate daily routine cloud operations tasks across physical, virtual and cloud-based systems. Rapidly move from your on-premise data center to the cloud. Auto-remediate server and application issues, deploy and provision systems and optimize resources to manage costs

High value automation use cases

Automate Snapshots
in the Cloud

Ayehu’s integration with AWS, Google Cloud and Azure, together with available activities for VMware and Docker allows administrators to take create and restore snapshots and images, create of new images based on existing ones and verify image definitions based on best practices. Schedule the snapshot workflows to run at any required time and interval, or run it on demand using SMS, email or a self-service portal.

Manage storage and other cloud resources

Ayehu’s integration with AWS and Amazon S3 facilities automating common storage tasks like file uploads and retrieval, creation and deletion of buckets and more. Receive alerts when resource utilization is high, and take actions to remediate it.

Automate common AWS, Azure and Google Cloud tasks

Use automated workflows to create, provision and configure cloud instances, create snapshots of images, and assign proper security policies for them. Halt development and test instances during non-working hours and terminate instances that are past their due date.

Cross-platforms IT Automation Deployment

Easily control your public CLOUD costs by
rightsizing them automatically

Integrate Best-of-breed Applications And Systems Of Your Choice​

Ayehu acts as the focal point between all the IT and security applications (ITSM, ITOM, NOC, SOC, AI, Intelligent Chatbots and Messaging platforms) federating enterprise applications, streamlining automated processes.

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