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Deliver intelligent services with Ayehu
self-driving AI powered automation

Ayehu NG is a web 3.0 based Intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration platform powered by Artificial Intelligence,
designed specifically for managed service providers. The platform has been deployed by the world leading MSPs for over
a decade, across hundreds of their customers.

A centralized intelligent automation platform



End-User Services


Break the equation – rely on digital labor to scale

Increase margins and efficiency - with digital labor there’s no limit to your scaling!


Scale your business with existing human capital


Increase your margins


SLA improvement


No vacation / sick days / lunch breaks / mood swings

1 Hour

Ramp-up time to productivity


Support multiple customers from a single server


No-scripting workflow
designer *

Day One

To get your first automated
process up and running


Build a bank of purpose workflows and reuse them


Rapid time-to-


Pre-built library of +550 activities and workflow templates

* Scripting is available

Additional benefits for MSPs

  • Volume discount for bulk of licenses
  • OEM/White labeling available
  • Automation-as-a-Service (AaaS)
  • Ayehu Automation Academy – certificate training
  • Partner enablement tools & POC support
  • Intelligent Automation CoE framework

Ayehu’s AI journey

Ayehu is collaborating with the leading brains of the AI and ML field - SRI International, home to labs that have developed breakthrough Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies such as SIRI - to develop the Ayehu Brain. We are far beyond providing just IT Process Automation. Today, Ayehu delivers automation powered by AI. The collaboration allows our MSP partners to stay ahead of competition and realize the full power of intelligent automation, embracing the Future of Work, today.

  • Our AI capabilities split into two categories. Within the product, or as AI integrations:​
  • Leveraging proprietary, sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Ayehu provides decision support via suggestions to optimize your workflows and dynamically create rule-based recommendations, insights and correlations.
  • AI integrations - powered by IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis and others.

Integrate best-of-breed applications and systems of your choice

Ayehu acts as the focal point between all the IT and security applications (ITSM, ITOM, NOC, SOC, AI, Intelligent Chatbots and Messaging platforms) federating enterprise applications, streamlining automated processes.


*Any API-based Web application can be integrated to Ayehu

Our customer-first approach, has led us to open a new category for our MSPs and their customers - Intelligent Chatbots. Enterprises today, want to serve their end-users with zero touch, leveraging 24/7 self-service NLP chatbots.

Ayehu: “Best-in-class” automation platform for chatbots ​

McKinsey&Company recently (Feb 2019) defined “best-in-class solution” when selecting the right platform for IT automation (with both simple and more complex problem-resolution capabilities) as “end-user-targeted platforms that include predesigned integration with existing systems, and libraries of IT bots that can be configured by end users for ease of use.” Ayehu provides flexibility to integrate best-of-breed apps and systems, as well as a codeless drag&drop workflow designer with a predesigned library of +550 activities and end2end workflows.

*McKinsey&Company (Feb 2019)

Worldwide MSPs rely on Ayehu