IT operations management (ITOM)

Automate repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident management processes

The Ayehu product provided a platform for automation which has dramatically reduced event handling time and improved the incident escalation notification process. For me personally, it has provided the opportunity to gain a much more in-depth understanding of system architecture as well as the ability to improve my competencies in things like SQL and power CLI. I couldn’t have accomplished these things without the help of automation

Ido Freedman

Technical and Business Operations Analyst, Amdocs

High value automation use cases

Automate Service Restart

How many times a day do you find yourself having to restart a service remotely because of frequent changes to application configuration files, service crashes or the need to release system memory? Consider automation as an alternative and setup a workflow that is either scheduled or automatically triggered via an event.

Automate SQL Query

Ayehu NG lets you automate SQL queries to retrieve data and send results via email using HTML or excel files to share retrieved data to multiple recipients. You can schedule or trigger SQL query workflows to run as often as needed, to monitor or retrieve important data in real-time, eliminating manual work while minimizing security issues.

Event log Monitoring

With Ayehu, you can define specific rules monitoring events and text strings of critical applications. Ayehu monitors event logs and sends an alert once the specific event is detected. Monitor any number of hosts and event logs across the networks and systems, get notified immediately and have Ayehu perform any corrective action automatically.

How Does it Work?

level zero - virtual service support

Integrate best-of-breed applications and systems of your choice​

Ayehu acts as the focal point between all the IT and security applications (ITSM, ITOM, NOC, SOC, AI, Intelligent Chatbots and Messaging platforms) federating enterprise applications, streamlining automated processes.
Integration hub

*Any API-based Web application can be integrated to Ayehu

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