Security Operations (SOC)

Even the largest enterprises cannot hire enough staff to tackle all the security and compliance challenges

“We now have a much more effective alerting system in place reducing reaction time in case of outages, and even acting proactively to avoid the occurrence of incidents, with almost unlimited possibilities of customization. Thanks to Ayehu, alerting is now part of the work tools of all technical people rather than being limited to very few systems, unreliable, and often ignored. Now if an alert comes in, the team can take immediate action, thanks to the reliable and precise information Ayehu provides to the right audience at the right time.” – Stefano Brozzetti, Sr. Manager of Technology Architecture, CHAMP Cargosystems

Sample Use Cases

IT to Security Data Enrichment

IT Systems contain a wealth of useful data for security use cases, but data sharing between these IT systems and Security is often limited and slow. Ayehu automate responses to typical security questions, and eliminates manual responses to request tickets, and wasted time waiting for data

Security Systems Validation

Only when something bad happens, security teams’ find out their systems were not working correctly. Security systems fail to detect threats, leaving organizations exposed. Ayehu automates testing of security systems periodically to make sure they actually work and are up to date.

Compliance/Audit Controls

Compliance and internal audit controls soak up a lot of staff time. Manually implemented controls are harder to audit, wasting yet more resources and potentially leading to audit findings. Ayehu automates repetitive control activities and drive control consistency for easier audits and fewer findings.

How It Works?

Ayehu for SOC

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Defeat Ransomware and Ward off Extortionists

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