Ayehu Appoints Eric Benhamou and Chris Keene as Chairman of the Board and Independent Director, Respectively

Eric Benhamou

Eric Benhamou

Chris Keene

Chris Keene

Ayehu, leading developer of powerful and innovative IT Process Automation solutions, announced today that it has appointed prominent industry players Eric Benhamou and Chris Keene to its Board of Directors. This news, coupled with the addition of several new customers, demonstrates the company’s growing momentum as the demand for IT Process Automation solutions in the expanding IT and Cyber Security Automation market.

Eric Benhamou is the Founding General Partner of Benhamou Global Ventures, a Silicon Valley based early-stage venture capital firm. Previously, he was CEO and Chairman of the Board of 3Com Corporation until its sale to HP in 2010. He also served as CEO of Palm, Inc. from October 2001 until October 2003 and Chairman until October 2007. Chris Keene is the Former President of Cloud & Automation Business Unit at BMC Software.

“Ayehu is addressing a growing pain point that is capturing the attention of CIOs & CISOs of both medium and large enterprises,” said Benhamou. “With the Ayehu management team’s deep domain expertise, innovative technology and growing customer base, the company is well-positioned to become a strong market leader in the IT & Security Automation solutions.”

“It is a great honor to welcome Eric and Chris to our Board of Directors,” comments Gabby Nizri, Co-Founder and CEO of Ayehu. “The strength and diversity of talent, experience and knowledge that both bring is invaluable to the company.”

“Ayehu is filling a real gap in the automation market, making it easy to resolve security issues instantly by integrating event management, automation and help desk systems, all without a single line of programming,” said Keene.

About Ayehu

Ayehu provides IT Process Automation solutions for IT & Security professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex workflows, and maintain greater control over IT infrastructure through automation. Ayehu solutions have been deployed by major enterprises worldwide, and currently support thousands of IT processes across the globe. The company has offices in New York and Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information please visit

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Yuval Molnar of Payoneer is Ayehu’s Most Recent IT Process Automation Super Hero Of The Month

Ayehu Software Names Most Recent Recipient of IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month Award as Yuval Molnar of PayoneerAyehu Software Technologies Ltd., industry leading developer and marketer of enterprise-grade IT Process Automation solutions has just named the most recent recipient of its Super Hero of the Month Award.

This month, Ayehu has chosen Yuval Molnar and Production Team of Payoneer. Molner was specifically chosen for his use of IT Process Automation to streamline and improve efficiency for his team and his organization as a whole.

Molner serves as a Production Support Team Leader at Payoneer. In this role, he is tasked with managing a team of support professionals as they handle incoming requests and monitor/manage the process from initial contact through resolution. Up until recently, most, if not all of these tasks were being handled manually, a time-consuming process that was riddled with risk of user error and other compliance problems.

In late 2014, Payoneer’s new VP of IT Operations, Yaron Weiss, introduced the eyeShare product, which he already had experience using with his previous employer. The first process automated was system monitoring, the majority of which is now handled by the event-manager function.  They’ve also created workflows that allow certain non-R&D users to send inquires directly through the eyeShare system and receive immediate response with the requested data. This has vastly improved the department’s efficiency.

With eyeShare, Molner’s team can now keep track of their services by running multiple queries directly within the database, and can separate the results according to severity level. In addition, they now have the ability to grant users direct and controlled access to the database so they can extract any information needed without involving the production team in the process. The permission set-up allows Molner’s group to control exactly which user can request each report in order to obey compliance requirements.

“eyeShare has allowed us to reduce repetitive tasks by enabling internal users to access information on their own,” comments Molnar. “In addition to automating our monitoring process and enabling us to calibrate the actions taken for each event based on severity, the system also keeps us informed about crucial errors occurring in real-time with our services. Overall, eyeShare has dramatically improved the way we work.”

Ayehu’s coveted Super Hero of the Month award is designed to recognize professionals who are using IT Process Automation to improve the way their organizations run. Any individual or team who uses the eyeShare product in businesses of any size or industry may be eligible to receive this award.

About Payoneer

Payoneer connects businesses, professionals, countries and currencies with an innovative cross-border payments platform. Currently, Payoneer is enabling millions of businesses and professionals from more than 200 countries reach new audiences by facilitating seamless, cross-border payments. Additionally, thousands of leading corporations including Google, Airbnb, Elance-oDesk and Getty Images rely on Payoneer’s mass payout services. To learn more, please visit                                       

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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Ayehu Recognized in Gartner’s IT Process Automation Market Guide

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd., industry leading developer of stand-alone, enterprise-grade IT Process Automation product eyeShare™  is pleased to announce its inclusion in the recent release of Gartner’s IT Process Automation Market Guide (23 March 2015  – #G00264762 – Analyst(s): Robert Naegle | Michelle A. Brosnahan). Ayehu was among a select few companies chosen as representative of the market by Gartner.

The guide was created due to the ever-growing demands upon IT infrastructure & Operations leaders to continually increase performance without increasing staff or other costly resources. IT Process Automation is becoming a necessity for organizations in every industry, and there are several players in the field to choose from. In recognition of this, Gartner’s report further defines the IT Process Automation market and reveals key offerings across five separate market segments.

According to market recommendations within the Gartner guide:

“While the ITPA market is mature, it continues to evolve in technology approaches. Vendors continue to emerge with honed content as well as more general capability. The most significant challenge of this market is that every tool can be used for a broad set of use cases, but without vendor-supplied content, IT staff will take on the role of a workflow designer and developer. IT organizations must understand their automation requirements. ITPA tools will increasingly act as tool-to-tool integrators and centralized hubs that orchestrate multiple automation tools and process workflows.”

The Ayehu eyeShare™ product fulfills these needs by helping MSP’s, IT Operations, and Security Operations identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90% faster, minimizing their negative impact, and freeing up precious time for overworked staff. As a result, this not only significantly improves efficiency and productivity, but can save as much as 70% in labor costs. eyeShare™ has been successfully deployed at major enterprises across the globe and is currently supporting thousands of business users.

“We are thrilled and honored to be recognized in such a prestigious publication and by such a highly-respected industry thought leader,” comments Gabby Nizri, Co-Founder and CEO of Ayehu. “Over the past several years, we’ve worked tirelessly to establish our product as one of the premier IT Process Automation solutions on the market. It’s rewarding to see our hard work pay off like this and we look forward to helping many more organizations automate their repetitive, labor-intensive IT functions in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

To read the full report, click here: IT Process Automation Market Guide.


About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare™ , an enterprise-class, stand-alone IT Process Automation solution. Deployed by major enterprises worldwide, it’s ready to handle thousands of IT processes out-of-the-box. eyeShare™ cuts the manual and repetitive tasks out of your IT operation, automate simple and complicated tasks, free up scarce manpower resources, and measurably improve service levels.

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Tobias International and Ayehu Announce Global Reseller Partnership

Tobias International Inc., a global provider of network consulting and software solutions, has announced their reseller partnership with Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd, the industry’s leading provider of enterprise class, lightweight IT process automation solutions. Ayehu is the developer of eyeShare, a secure, on-premise IT process automation solution that integrates with the SolarWinds network-monitoring platform.

Tobias International offers comprehensive professional services for customers in need of SolarWinds consulting. All of its engineers are SolarWinds Certified Professionals (SCP) and have extensive experience creating monitoring solutions for Cisco, Microsoft, HP, VMware, and a wide range of other technologies prevalent in today’s IT environments. Their deep expertise with SolarWinds uniquely qualifies Tobias International to work with Ayehu Software.

“Ayehu’s eyeShare software allows Tobias International to integrate SolarWinds products with a number of 3rd-party applications in a fraction of the time it would normally take to do this integration manually“, says Tobias International CEO Craig Tobias.

With Ayehu eyeShare in Tobias International’s solution stack, clients will be able to deploy closed-loop network management and IT process automation from a single pane of glass.  By using eyeShare’s advanced automation to remediate incidents that generate SolarWinds alerts, Tobias International expects to dramatically reduce its alert storms for its clients & the manual L1 labor needed to address them.

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare™, a secure, on-premise IT process automation solution. eyeShare™ empowers IT operations to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up resources, and improve SLAs, all at an affordable price point. For more information, please visit

About Tobias International

Tobias International is a global provider of network consulting and software solutions, providing professional services through the full life cycle of a network including dynamic planning, design, implementation, operations and optimization. Tobias International maintains expertise in the most extensive, complex network technologies and multivendor environments. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. For more information, please visit



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Blue Turtle appointed Ayehu reseller in Africa to extend IT Automation offering


The top IT tasks that customers automate:

Johannesburg, 15 February 2013:   Blue Turtle Technologies (Blue Turtle) as part of its service management strategy has signed a partnership with Ayehu to provide advanced automation to the South African market.

Gabby Nizri, Founder & CEO at Ayehu advises:  “Ayehu identified South Africa as a growing market with extensive opportunities.  Blue Turtle is an IT leader in the southern African market and we needed a strong partner with exceptional expertise, support and knowledge of the local market.  The opportunities for growth were a real factor when identifying a partner and we needed a partner with a solid track record for delivery.”

Ayehu develops and markets innovative enterprise-class IT Process Automation solutions. Ayehu helps IT professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex operations and achieve improved control over IT infrastructure

eyeShare™ is a light-weight IT toolbox that lets you automate complex IT processes within hours. Using a visual workflow designer with over 500 pre-built activities and 100’s of pre-packaged workflow templates, you can automate IT tasks across physical, virtual or cloud environments.

Andrew Parsons, product manager at Blue Turtle Technologies comments:  “Ayehu’s suite of solutions brings with it an extension to Blue Turtle’s automation solutions and the value proposition is the realization of a quick ROI, increased profit and improved uptime. This is further complemented by the ability to integrate the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure.  Additional benefits include reduced IT costs and minimized risks through simplifying IT processes, improved quality of service and increased business performance is realised.”

“There is a trend in business to transform workload automation which includes the requirement for SLAs (service level agreements) as an important business process automation (BPA) throughout the enterprise as businesses depends more on IT than ever before to not just support, but also deliver, its most basic functions. SLAs are being imposed on workload management to make sure that BPA functions are carried out as expected. There is an expectation that there is a more advanced monitoring and alerting in IT automation, as well as critical path analysis to ensure that high priority processes receive the necessary computing resources as they need it. Workload automation is expected to provide the complex workflows necessary for real-time, or near real-time, data processing.  eyeShare™ is able to meet these business requirements at a fraction of the investment and the return is realised within a short period of time,” concludes Parsons.


Andrew Parsons                                                            Gabby Nizri

Product Manager                                                           Founder & CEO

Blue Turtle Technologies                                             Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd.

T: 011 206 5600 /                                                           T:  +972 (0)3 649 5070 /  +972 54 436 8345                                    


Dana Jedrisko


Blue Turtle Technologies

Tel: 011 206 5600 / 082 602 1231



About Blue Turtle Technologies

Blue Turtle Technologies provides solutions for optimising, enhancing and leveraging existing IT investment, and supporting the cost effective delivery of new technology initiatives. With experience from mainframe to desktop, Blue Turtle delivers solutions for the effective management of IT infrastructures employing innovative software products, backed by ‘best-practice’ implementation services. Blue Turtle’s strategy leverages ‘best-in-class’ software products brought together from leading international and South African software providers to deliver compelling and cost effective technology management solutions to customers.  For more information:


About Ayehu

Ayehu develops and markets eyeShare™, a lightweight, enterprise-class IT Process Automation software. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of IT processes, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals automate IT tasks, free up scarce resources and improve service levels. For more information, please visit

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