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The Role of Chief Automation Officer in Digital Transformation

Today’s savvy business leaders recognize the need to adapt to changing technology or risk being left behind. And while we may not be able to control what that technology will be or which direction it will take us, we can take advantage by responding quickly and making the necessary adaptations before our competitors. That’s why […]


Why You Should Hire a Chief Automation Officer

This article was written by Marg. Bruineman and published on See original here. With the wave of robotics and artificial intelligence anticipated to wash over the workplace, keeping pace with it all could require the attention of a dedicated, high-level individual. Given the breadth of the expected changes, some people are touting the idea of […]


Analyzing the Need for a Chief Automation Officer

If you were to ask any high-level executive about IT, you would almost always receive an answer that centers around the need for innovation. But while most in leadership roles openly profess the importance of innovating, getting them to actually free up the resources and make the necessary investments is much more challenging. This is […]