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How IT Process Automation Can Solve the Cloud Management Conundrum

Cloud technology has forever changed the way businesses operate. At the same time, organizations who are leveraging the cloud – either private or public – are finding it to a real challenge to manage those resources in a way that is both efficient and optimally effective. It’s not unheard of for a business to come […]


Combining IT Process Automation with the Cloud

These days IT professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver services to businesses more quickly and at a lower cost, to maximize efficiency levels their data centers, and to provide users with self-service IT access with timely, automated delivery. While all of this may sound a bit overwhelming, the good news is, it’s not impossible […]


How Too Many IT Automation Tools Can Hinder the Cloud

For obvious reasons, you’ll rarely hear us indicate that there could ever be too much automation. To the contrary, the more an organization embraces and employs IT automation technology, the more streamlined, efficient, cost-effective and productive the entire organization can be. What we will say, however, is that implementing too many such automation tools can, […]


How to Plug IT Automation Software into the Cloud?

These days there is increasing pressure being placed on IT professionals to deliver services to businesses more quickly and inexpensively, to evolve their data centers to become more highly efficient, and to provide users with self-service access to IT offerings with fast, automated delivery. The good news is that, while it sounds a bit overwhelming, […]