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Eliminate Human Errors (Without Eliminating the Humans)

There’s a humorous old dictum in the IT industry that “To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer.” When you combine the two, however – human error PLUS computers – then you can achieve catastrophic disruptions of truly epic proportion, like the massive AWS outage suffered by Amazon in […]


How Machine Learning is Set to Revolutionize Data Centers

Artificial intelligence is disrupting and transforming nearly every industry, with simple tasks to complex workflows being shifted from human to machine. The IT realm is no exception, with machine learning algorithms being leveraged to help data centers improve efficiency, productivity and overall performance. Even tech powerhouse Google is using its own DeepMind technology to manage […]


The Data Center Dream Team: Your Staff and Automation

It is coming. We have been fully warned that a massive shortage of qualified technology professionals is going to quickly become our reality. But thanks to the increasing abundance of available data, along with innovative tools for gathering, processing, deciphering and storing that data, machine learning algorithms can now be used to produce fast, affordable results […]


Data Center Automation is the Key to Optimizing Performance

If you’re an admin in a data center, chances are you’ve found yourself overwhelmed more often than not with the complexity and tediousness of manual management tasks. The good news is data center automation can make a huge difference in your day to day workload and ultimately improve the operations of your department and entire […]


How Automation Can Revolutionize Your Data Center

Data centers are absolutely critical to the continuity of daily operations for an organization. As such, the reliability and security of their equipment, technology and information is a top priority. Data center professionals are tasked with running a secure, efficient operation that effectively supports the organization’s infrastructure while maintaining an environment that is both agile […]


How IT Process Automation is Opening Opportunities for Virtualization

As organizations across the globe begin adopting virtualization and start expanding its use across more and more mission-critical applications, their infrastructures inevitably become much more complex. Data centers are creeping ever closer to the possibility of the private cloud, however the ease and speed with which they can move forward is beginning to diminish. What’s […]


Using IT Process Automation to Reduce Data Center Risk

Today’s data centers are being placed under increasing pressures to maximize agility while mitigating risk as much as possible – the weight of which can be crushing, especially given the volatility of the present environment. Under the right conditions, the data center can spearhead new services and improved product offerings, thereby maintaining a more profitable […]


IT Process Automation News Letter #4

  Dear Reader, First, I would like to thank those of you who visited us at the Microsoft Management Summit in Vegas last month. Many thanks for the great feedback you gave us on our new release of IT Process Automation pinpoint solutions, Now available for Free Evaluation Download eyeShare 4.1. In this newsletter you’ll find useful information about IT automation […]