Using IT Process Automation to Enhance Continuous Response

security-breachWith all of the latest news reports about massive data breaches resulting in the sensitive financial information of millions of consumers being compromised, the topic of cyber security remains a priority for organizations of all shapes, sizes and industries. It’s also becoming more evident that the best offense in these situations is not just a preventative approach, but also successful, continuous incident response. Let’s take a look at what this entails and how IT process automation can enhance it further. When it comes to cyber security, it pays to plan ahead and think outside the box. Businesses must find ways to outwit and outmaneuver would-be cyber attackers by being smarter and better prepared. And it’s not just the big players that can benefit from enhanced security. In fact, as a recent Forbes article points out, even smaller businesses can now take advantage of a more secure existence, provided they leverage excellent data management and the quality continuous response resources available to them.

Times Have Changed

It used to be that installing anti-virus software and putting up a solid firewall were enough to keep most serious attacks at bay. The problem with this strategy, however, is that there are highly sophisticated organizations at work that are capable of getting around just about every prevention-first security measure in existence. To counter this, Forbes interviewed Shuman Ghosemajumder, vice president of strategy at Shape Security, who recommends taking an approach that protects your sensitive assets from the inside out. One of the things that businesses across the globe are now facing is the fact that viruses are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cyber security. This has essentially ushered in a new dawn of safety measures, and a new way of thinking overall. Instead of having to keep up with cyber threats, technology can be used to turn the tables and make these criminals keep up with the enhanced security strategies that organizations are putting into place. It allows businesses to stay one step ahead of their attackers.

Knowledge AND Action Are Required

Simply acknowledging that there are hacks and data breaches in just about every business and industry to some degree is not enough to keep your organization safe from the dangers that lurk beyond the perimeters of your IT infrastructure. It’s this knowledge, coupled with the appropriate action – namely, continuous response – that is critical to keeping precious data safe. It also requires a combination of ongoing analysis that allows firms to learn from past experiences and use that information to anticipate and prepare for similar situations in the future.

using IT process automation

Most cyber security experts acknowledge that sophisticated hackers are already using IT process automation to help them identify and exploit areas of weakness around the web. The best way to combat this is to beat these criminals at their own game, using the very technology they are to shut them down at every potential point of entry. Using IT process automation to detect malware and enhance continuous response allows businesses to locate and eliminate threats before they have the opportunity to wreak havoc. Like it or not, as long as the internet remains as the information super highway, there will be dangerous hackers waiting to exploit every opportunity they can find. Only those organizations that understand the importance of continuous incident response and leverage IT process automation to maximize their efforts will have the best chance at making it through unscathed. Is your business protected from the many security dangers out there?  

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How IT Automation Complements Humanized NOC Operation

IT AUTOMATIONThis post was published originally by MoovingON

Today, many companies are integrating internal network operation centers, or NOC, to monitor and manage incidents affecting the infrastructure. The network operation team is responsible for making sure that all systems are running smoothly, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency. Managing incident response in a timely manner offers the best solution to NOC teams.

Humanized NOC services provide seamless Uptime management, comprehensive monitoring and remediation services for servers, workstations, network devices, applications as well as business-oriented workflows. Identifying network problems before impacting business functions or productivity is the primary focus of any NOC.

Ultimately, the goal of any NOC is to reduce downtime and to increase efficiency. Automating disparate systems and softwares to become self-acting or self-regulating decreases recovery time and response rate. IT process automation will also directly affect the number of system outages and other critical issues. By ensuring business resilience, automation is helpful in improving operational performance and maximizing the business ROI.

IT automation is critical for managing operations to consistently maintain the highest quality of service while reducing operations costs. Customizing scripts to replace manual processes, in turn directly impacts the process of creating a scalable service model.

“In our ongoing efforts to expand our Uptime Management services for technology companies and enterprises, we are proud to announce our partnership with Ayehu.

Ayehu helps IT professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex operations and achieve improved control over IT infrastructure. Ayehu solutions are already deployed in major enterprises supporting thousands of business users.”

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Tired of Being Overwhelmed by SolarWinds Orion Alerts?

Are you bombarded by alerts from SolarWinds® Orion?  Do alert storms force you into reactive mode, leaving you overwhelmed?

SolarWinds® Orion NPM is notorious for generating massive amounts of alerts, leaving you to resolve the underlying incidents manually or with painstaking scripting.  But what if you had a tool that could reduce the “noise” of numerous number of alerts and resolve those most important one automatically, freeing up your time for more important matters?

eyeShare from Ayehu is the industry-leading IT process automation tool that has a unique integration with SolarWinds® NPM & extends the value of your monitoring operation by automating the response & resolution of alerts.  Instead of resolving alerts manually or with complicated scripts requiring extensive programming skills, eyeShare empowers you and your team to deploy automated workflow process that allow you to:

  • Capture alerts to trigger process workflows and resolve network issues quicker
  • Acknowledge and make real-time decisions via two-way communication email and SMS
  • Integrates with your Service Desk like ServiceNow to create, update, & close tickets creating a closed-loop incident reasons procedure
  • Frees up your best staff members to focus on more critical big picture issues

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use the integration of eyeShare with SolarWinds® & create a closed loop process that remediates SolarWinds® alerts without any delays

Stop scripting & start automating – Download now free 30-day trial of eyeShare, and see how easy it is to automate incident resolutions in your own environment.

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