How IT Automation Can Help eCommerce Businesses Improve SLA and Availability

ecommerce_IT_AutomationIn the eCommerce industry, time is money. Your business can’t afford to suffer lengthy systems downtime, or you’ll most certainly lose revenue. In the past, this meant the need for IT professionals to be in-house and at the ready should a problem occur, which also meant a significant cost to the company. What if there were a way for your IT group to keep all of your systems under control, whenever and wherever they happened to be at any given moment? There is! It’s called IT automation, and it’s changing the way eCommerce companies do business.

How Does  IT automation Work?

Despite the fact that IT automation can handle complex functions, the process itself is really rather simple, at least in terms of the end user. Whenever a critical systems issue arises, the IT automation software notifies the relevant team member, allowing them full control over the recovery process. The way this is carried out involves a series of steps that are all systematically managed by the software. As soon as the software receives an alert from the monitoring system, a new incident is created and the appropriate workflow is initiated. Once the software has conducted a series of checks, the first point of contact that is designated for that issue will receive an accurate message pin point to the problem.

The beauty of this type of IT automation is that two-way notifications can be sent a variety of ways, including email, SMS, phone call and IM – or better yet – all of these things can be triggered simultaneously. This allows the appropriate parties to be able to independently handle any incidents that occur in a timely manner – whether they’re in the office, at home or on the road. Once the user responds to the initial notification, the software then responds with a series of possible actions. The user replies with the chosen action, and the software instantly follows the command.

Let’s say your eCommerce website were to crash in the middle of the night. Anyone who conducts business on the web understands that consumers aren’t only active online during normal business hours. With IT automation, a notification of this crash would be immediately sent to the appropriate party, who could then respond with the action required to correct the problem. The system receives said message, executes the command, conducts another check and then notifies the user that the problem has been resolved. What’s more, if the first point of contact fails to respond in a specified time period, the system then escalates to a second contact that will be notified of the problem.

What Are the Benefits of  IT automation?

Besides the obvious benefits of faster incident recovery, the mobility of IT automation also provides the following benefits:

Any eCommerce business knows that the better the SLA and availability, the happier the customers. Happy customers make loyal customers, so it’s a trickle down effect that can have a significant impact on your organization’s bottom line. So, the question then becomes not whether you should consider using IT automation for your eCommerce business, but why haven’t you already done so?

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Ayehu Names Tal Valani of Amdocs as Newest IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month

tal ValaniAyehu, leading developer of enterprise-level IT process automation software solutions has announced the latest recipient of its Super Hero of the Month award. This month, the company has chosen Tal Valani of Amdocs for effectively leveraging IT automation to better streamline her duties as a networks operations center operator.

As a NOC operator, Tal is constantly challenged to meet SLAs, maintain service availability and deliver timely and accurate service to the entire organization that she helps to support. Before implementing eyeShare, those challenges were compounded by labor-intensive manual tasks, such as alert management, and the human error associated with this manual labor. In order for her and her team to become more efficient, they had to find a way to shift much of these day to day tasks to allow technology to do the heavy lifting so personnel could focus on more important matters.

Amdocs rolled out eyeShare approximately 5 years ago, and it almost instantly changed the way the NOC group did business. Over those five years, they have successfully automated nearly every IT process, from small daily tasks to big events, and the results have been highly impactful. Their main focus, however, has been on alert notification and escalation. With eyeShare streamlining their alerts, the NOC has been able to stay on top of incoming notifications, often solving problems before they require escalation. Human error has been all but eliminated as well, making for a much more efficient and effective process, from start to finish.

 “Before eyeShare, our team needed to check the details of each service and escalate via various channels, such as email and SMS, all the while adhering to strict timeframes. Then we had to update the right people for every manual flow we started. It was incredibly time consuming and left much room for error,” comments Tal. “Now we can manage big events end to end – starting from receiving an alert and managing the whole event in many channels, making sure to update the notification while alerting different groups, such as technicians and managers, according to action required, and in the end notifying the NOC for all the actions that were taken and what was done. The operators are now free to do other tasks that are more business critical.”


The Super Hero of the Month program was put in place by Ayehu as a way to recognize those players within the IT industry that are using automation as a launching point to catapult their organizations into the future of technology.

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IT Process Automation Super Hero of The Month Igor Karpel from Retalix

IT Process Automation Superhero of the MonthAyehu Software, developer of innovative enterprise-class IT process automation solutions, is pleased to announce the latest recipient of its coveted Superhero of the Month award. This month’s beneficiary is Igor Karpel from Retalix. He is being recognized for leveraging automation to streamline the company’s internal incident management system to improve accuracy and efficiency.

In his role as System Administrator at Retalix, Igor is tasked with managing incoming notifications, ensuring that these notifications are accurate and that they are received by the appropriate parties. Before implementing the eyeShare product, Igor and his team struggled with the issue of the same alerts being sent to the same people, regardless of whether they occurred during working hours or non-working hours. There was also the problem of multiple systems running scripts locally, making it difficult to manage the progress and state of these scripts.

Approximately 3 years ago, Retalix decided to give eyeShare a try and leverage the customized IT automation solutions to better streamline their tasks. They began by configuring email and other notifications within the scripts and saw results almost immediately. Over time, they also automated weekly reports and active directory check scripts. Now, instead of having to manually monitor multiple systems and manage incoming alerts, Igor and his team can focus on more critical business matters.

“The time savings has been incredible,” says Igor. “eyeShare  manages our daily tasks automatically, making our jobs so much easier. There’s no need any more to open multiple systems to view incidents – eyeShare collects all of the information from all of the different systems and acts as a centralized incident dashboard. We also love the built-in features, which have replaced the use of standard scripts. We really couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Ayehu’s Super Hero of the Month program has been put in place to help recognize one person within the IT industry each month that is doing their part to use automation to lead their organization toward the future of IT.

About Retalix

Retalix is a leading global provider of innovative, integrated software solutions and services for high volume, high complexity fast moving consumer goods retailers and distributors. Their comprehensive offering comprises a broad range of solutions for POS (Point Of Sale), sales channels (including mobile and e-commerce channels), store management, customer and marketing, merchandising, logistics and transportation management. To learn more, please visit

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

eBook: 10 time consuming tasks you should automate