Ayehu Announces Its Most Recent IT Automation Super Hero of the Month

Superhero of the MonthAyehu Software, industry leading developer of lightweight, enterprise-grade solutions for IT process automation has announced the latest recipient of their Superhero of the Month award. This month, the award is being given to Elad Hefetz, Research and Development Project Manager for Bezeq International. Elad earned the honor by leveraging IT automation to improve both internal operational efficiency and external customer service levels.

In his day to day operations, Elad has the unique responsibility of managing the workflows of his internal teams while also monitoring and expediting customer SLA’s. Over time, Elad identified several operational problems that were causing workflows to slow down, subsequently affecting external service levels. He noticed that his team was being bogged down by repetitive, time consuming tasks which were affecting their productivity. He also identified the long response time for alerts that came in outside of normal working hours, as well as false alarms that were being triggered by problems within the monitoring system.

A year after implementing Ayehu’s eyeShare product, Elad and his team have already noticed significant improvements, both in terms of internal workflows and customer related solutions. Internally, the team has leveraged automation to manage a variety of tasks, including active directory password resets, network automated processes, network auto discovery, automated comparison of dates and times for internal logs, file moving and IP addresses management migration. On the customer side of things, eyeShare has improved the monitoring and accuracy of alerts, vastly reducing response time and subsequently improving service levels.

“The eyeShare product has changed the way we do business, both internally and externally. It’s given us access to a vast selection of out of the box interfaces for APIs including network, database, and windows. Internet protocols makes the automation process easier than ever. We even have the ability to build our own custom-designed workflows with no specialized coding experience needed,” says Elad. “Everyone is happy with the automation features – our operations team and our customers. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better product to be able to do our jobs more efficiently.”

Ayehu’s Super Hero of the Month program was implemented as a way to recognize and reward one noteworthy IT professional that is pioneering the process of automation and leading their organization toward the IT of the future.

About Bezeq International
Bezeq International, Israel’s leading internet and international telecommunications provider, was founded in 1996 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bezeq the Israeli Telecommunications Corp. Ltd, Israel’s largest telecom group. Today, Bezeq International is considered a market-leader in all of its core fields of expertise, providing comprehensive communications solutions in Internet, Telephony (International, Domestic and Intra-Organizational), IT and Cloud Computing Services, Hosting, Data Communications and Information Security Solutions. To learn more about Bezeq International, visit

About Ayehu
Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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The Advantages of Secure, On-Premise Run Book Automation

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While many organizations are shifting their on-premise services to cloud solutions such as ServiceNow, RemedyForce and JIRA, the question that is coming up more and more is, should we move everything to the cloud?

Secured-On-premise-RBATake, for example, IT process automation (a.k.a. run book automation). Is this business function really safe in the cloud, or should it be managed on-premise? Although the recent shift toward cloud technology seems to support the idea of every function being handled virtually, it’s important to note that there are still lots of risks associated with doing so. While keeping your datacenter, servers, and networks secured, does your Chief Security Officer allow remote execution protocols, which are fraught with security risks when accessed via cloud service?

Security of your servers is your responsibility!

One of the main advantages of an on-premise IT process automation solution is the fact that you can keep your data secure with no need to open remote protocols, i.e. SSH, FTP, RDP, Command line, etc. No sensitive data flows between your servers and the cloud management tools; therefore there are no additional risks added to your already vulnerable systems.

Another plus to managing your IT process automation in-house is that you are not limited to the level of automation you can achieve while you are on-premise. Instead of being subject to the limitations of whatever security policies, cookie-cutter hosting services are available, you have much more flexibility in terms of customizing the solution to meet the specific needs of your organization and scaling it to accommodate future growth.

Additionally, you can still automate tasks which are in the cloud from your secure on-premise server. So you basically get the best of both worlds without running the risk of a dangerous or costly security breach.

One argument often used as a criticism of on-premise run book automation is that it incurs a higher expenditure because it requires more IT personnel to effectively manage the system in-house. To the contrary – the automation itself actually frees up internal personnel because it automates repetitive and time consuming manual tasks.

Finally, there is the issue of connectivity with cloud-based solutions. When your systems are hosted, there is always a chance that a service disruption could occur, over which you have little control. On-premise software provides more control, reducing the likelihood of being unable to access your mission-critical data and systems on-demand.

So, when the question of whether every business function can, or more importantly – should be moved to the cloud, much thought and careful consideration must be given to each area prior to making a decision. While leveraging cloud technology makes good business sense in many areas, IT process automation might be one area best kept in-house. Doing so will provide the security needed to keep data protected on your hybrid infrastructure in the future, while also giving you the control and customization you need to achieve the full benefit of run book automation for your organization.

To try a secure, on-premise run book automation solution for your business, download Ayehu eyeShare today

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Ayehu eyeShare 4.1 – Automating IT Processes for Excellence and Repeatability

Implementing IT Service Management (ITSM) for Improved Productivity and Quality Achieving ROI through IT Service Automation

Bob Aiello

Review MethodologyFor this review, we implemented Ayehu’s eyeShare 4.1 on a Windows 7 Virtual Machine using VMware Player, Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1, Microsoft IIS7 and SQL Server 2005. I built several workflows using easy-to-use built-in templates which monitor websites using Apache and Tomcat on Windows and Linux. Several service interruptions were intentionally caused, triggering alert notifications and initiating workflows to resolve the incident. The installation itself was easy, with all dependencies well-documented. Download link


Ayehu’s eyeShare 4.1 is easy to use and rich with features, thus offering a significant value proposition as it provides a clear and detailed approach to implementing IT service management best practices as defined in the ITIL v3 framework. Key features include event monitoring, out-of-the box automated workflows (with over 500 predefined activities) and a robust framework for managing knowledge, communicating more effectively and escalating status and incident response. Advanced features include virtual machine creation and active directory user account management. eyeShare can help companies prepare for ITIL and ISO 9001 certification.

The Value PropositionServices are a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating the outcomes which customers want to achieve, without the ownership of specific costs and risks (ITIL v3).

Intended Audience

IT Ops managers along with an increasing number of Development Managers implementing DevOps methodologies.

Many organizations struggle to implement IT Service Management as a dedicated function to effectively monitor the events and alerts which often precipitate critical incidents that unfortunately can disrupt essential IT services. The Service Desk plays an essential role in helping the organization achieve success as their IT operations staff find themselves unable to keep up with the need to respond to critical incidents including systems outages. When an incident does occur, success depends upon the ability to monitor events and alerts which, in turn, enables the Service Desk to correctly pinpoint the source of the problem, or escalate if the cause is not easily determined. Smart technology managers understand that they need to create processes that are repeatable and also can scale to meet the needs of their organization.

Automating IT Service Incident Response

When serious incidents occur, they can impact the entire organization, resulting in outages that cause unplanned interruptions or significant reduction in quality of an IT service. In the past year, there have been numerous critical incidents at Banks, trading exchanges and other financial services firms that resulted in significant losses, even causing one firm to cease operating as an independent organization. So how do tech-savvy managers address these challenges and ensure that their critical services remain secure and uninterrupted on an ongoing basis? The good news is that there are excellent industry standards and frameworks which can help provide guidance on precisely how to establish effective best practices. 

Industry Best Practices

The itSMF ITIL v3 framework provides guidance on establishing effective functions and processes to support IT Service Management, including both the Service Desk and Incident Management. While the ITIL framework provides excellent guidance, many critics argue that there is not enough descriptive information for managers to fully understand how to implement these industry best practices. eyeShare provides the specific type of guidance that enables managers to establish IT automation in full compliance with the ITIL v3 framework. One of the key objectives of the ITIL framework is to establish a comprehensive knowledge base known as a Service Management Knowledge System (SMKS). This is essential because of the scarcity of subject matter experts and the importance of creating a rich and comprehensive knowledge base.

IT Process Automation with pre-packaged Templates

It is often difficult to know where to start the IT process automation effort. eyeShare enables the Ops team to achieve success by providing a set of easy-to-use templates that define a complete process, from recognizing an event or alert to successfully fixing the issue that has already affected, or could potentially impact, services. This comprehensive approach provides a considerable amount of functionality straight out of the box that will help you address common problems such as Active Directory (AD) user account lockouts and password resets. Having a set of working templates for simple scenarios is especially helpful when addressing the more complex scenarios.

Fortunately, Ayehu eyeShare comes with many workflows already available and an easy-to-use Workflow Designer. 


Figure 1.0 – Workflow Designer Creates Custom Workflows

You can get a lot done using the out-of-the-box workflows but Ayehu eyeShare provides considerably more value and also providing a framework to understand and deal with complex situations where diagnosis and incident management are both difficult and often mission critical.

Taming Complexity

IT process automation is particularly important when dealing with complex technology and complex scenarios. Many technology professionals find it difficult to tackle the trickier scenarios where the risk for errors is greater. But this is exactly where IT process automation can yield the greatest value. Most organizations have a few subject matter experts who can handle the complex scenarios, but what do you do when these highly skilled resources are unavailable? eyeShare helps capture the thought processes involved with diagnosing complex technology problems. This diagnostic effort is almost always an iterative process, and the exciting news with eyeShare is that you can start small and iteratively improve both your diagnosis and your response to handling complex challenges. This effort can result in the development of a valuable knowledge management system.

Building the Knowledge Management System

Most organizations have one or two expert technology professionals who just seem to be able to address and resolve any and all issues – regardless of the challenge. The problem is that these gurus are rarely on duty seven days a week/twenty four hours a day to provide immediate backup in real-time should thorny problems arise.  Successful IT process automation starts by capturing the expertise required to recognize, analyze and respond to events and incidents. One of the most impressive features in eyeShare is its implicit framework which facilitates the gathering of expert knowledge and allows for the iterative development of automated IT processes.


Figure 2.0 – Entering The Knowledge Base Solution

The result is a knowledge base of automated IT processes that are repeatable, traceable and can help the organization scale its IT service management to help the business achieve success. Developing a robust knowledge management system is especially important with regard to addressing the challenges imposed by audit and regulatory requirements.



Figure 3.0 – Summary from Knowledge Base

Documented procedures helps your team respond to incidents, having such a record can also help to satisfy audit and regulatory requirements.

Passing the IT Audit

Technology organizations are required to establish effective IT controls to comply with audit and regulatory requirements. IT controls are simply rules that require building in the extra steps to minimize mistakes and quickly recover from those that manage to slip through. For IT Service management, establishing this control usually means that every incident must be documented in a ticketing system and that there must be full traceability into every step taken to diagnose and address issues which impact IT services. It also means that you must comply with change management policies within the organization, especially when modifying code and configuration files (usually called configuration items) upon proper authorization. eyeShare helps to enforce IT policy and controls especially when a separation of controls and change control is required by regulatory authorities. IT controls also provide a robust ticketing and history tracking that will satisfy any auditor. In addition, IT controls help meet regulatory requirements and pass IT audits, while simultaneously improving productivity and quality. DevOps is emerging as an important industry best practice to support successful IT automation.

This journey begins with building the tools and processes to detect and respond to incidents.


Figure 4.0 – eyeShare Studio

Detecting and Responding to Incidents

eyeShare comes with a number of well-designed tools to recognize events and alerts that may indicate a pending interruption in services. This enables your team to diagnose and respond to incidents before they have actually impacted customers. Detecting problems can sometimes be a daunting task and early missteps can lead to costly mistakes or even failure to react quickly enough to a pending incident. IT process automation helps to define the rules and provides a framework for continuously improving the team’s capability to detect and respond to incidents.


Figure 5.0 – Incident Console

This task often involves processing a considerable amount of information, including multiple sources of events and alert notifications.


Figure 6.0 – Real-Time Process Dashboard

IT process automation provides a reliable framework for handling what can quickly become a classic situation of information overload. Of course, detecting an incident is only the first step. The real test is whether or not the Service Desk can recover once an incident has been detected. Another essential component of a valuable automation process is a robust and efficient capability for communicating with all stakeholders.

Effective Communications Framework

Too often, technology professionals find it difficult to communicate effectively. This can cause serious problems, including but certainly not limited to service interruptions, which ultimately adversely impact your business. eyeShare provides a powerful framework for communicating information – from emails to automated phone alerts.

If initial alerts are not acknowledged, eyeShare workflows can be easily configured to escalate until an authorized support professional acknowledges the incident and begins addressing the problem.


Figure 7.0 – Ayehu eyeShare Workflows enhance communication

Industry best practices can come from many sources. Successful business people know that one of the best sources of information is the customer base itself and often proactively solicit feedback about their products and services

Learning Best Practices from the Customer Base

Ayehu taps into this reservoir through its creation of a communications loop wherein customer feedback helps drive new features within the product. This shared lessons environment enables both new and existing customers to benefit from best practices derived by other professionals. eyeShare continues to evolve and address emerging needs to provide effective IT process automation. One of the areas where the tool has extended its feature set to great effect is in provisioning virtual machines (VMs) and Active Directory user accounts.

Provisioning Virtual Machines and AD Users

eyeShare has capabilities to provision virtual machines using predefined configurations. This enables the Service Desk to spin up VMs as part of well-defined recovery procedures. Using eyeShare’s workflow, these steps are clear and detailed, including controls related to Active Directory (AD) user account authentication and authorization where required. eyeShare also provides a well-defined framework for managing active directory issues, such as unlocking AD accounts and resetting AD passwords. One of the most important capabilities needed is to support the discovery of current versions of software configurations. This information is typically recorded in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB), which is often a challenge to keep updated.

Keeping the CMDB updated

eyeShare workflows can be configured to monitor existing server configurations and to report back actual results to a configuration management database (CMDB). This is very important to users who wish to maintain an accurate database of configuration items that may be impacted by changes arising from any incidents. Many organizations implement CMDBs, but then find themselves challenged to keep them updated and accurate. eyeShare workflows can be configured to help with this daunting challenge, thus enabling the organization to maintain an accurate up-to-date CMDB.

Continuously Improve from Lessons Learned

Even the most successful IT teams make mistakes. eyeShare enables your team to learn from past mistakes and implement additional controls to recognize events and alerts that may lead to incidents causing service interruptions. Successful teams should never make the same mistake twice and proper IT process automation frameworks allow you to use each incident as a learning experience that leads to tighter controls and more reliable systems!

DevOps and IT Automation

DevOps is bringing an exciting new set of industry best practices that help significantly improve IT process automation. This focus on quality integration of functions includes improved communication and pushing many best practices to be implemented earlier in the lifecycle. The rise of DevOps encourages IT professionals to develop their controls and automation during the development effort, an emphasis which significantly improves the development process itself and also results in a more mature IT service model. DevOps embraces IT process automation to support development and QA testing, instead of waiting until the application is ready for production. The result is a more productive development lifecycle and mature IT processes and process automation. For many efforts, although the rewards are obvious, the toughest part is just getting the ball rolling.


My experience in giving eyeShare a test run was that it was easy to use and I was creating workflows within the first hour. The product comes with many templates and predefined common activities which makes getting started very easy. This tool can help your organization harness your existing knowledge base so that you can establish effective IT process automation. If you want your organization to maintain IT Services that are highly available and support your business then you should take a close look at Ayehu eyeShare for IT Process Automation.

Bob Aiello is a consultant, editor-in-chief for CM Crossroads, and the author of Configuration Management Best Practices: Practical Methods that Work in the Real World, Addison-Wesley Professional ( Mr. Aiello has more than twenty-five years’ experience as a technical manager in several top NYC financial services firms where he had company-wide responsibility for CM, often providing hands-on technical support for enterprise source code management tools, SOX/Cobit compliance, build engineering, continuous integration, and automated application deployment(DevOps). Bob has served as the vice chair of the IEEE 828 Standards working group (CM Planning) and is a member of the IEEE Software and Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC) management board. Mr. Aiello holds a Masters in industrial psychology from NYU and a B.S. in computer science and math from Hofstra University. You may contact Mr. Aiello at, link with him at  or visit his corporate website and follow him on twitter @bobaiello, @cmbestpractices.


IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month Announced as Alon Vilenski of Clalit HealthCare

Alon IT Process Automation Super HeroAyehu, the leading provider of IT process automation solutions has officially named its latest Super Hero of the Month award recipient. This month they have chosen Alon Vilenski of Clalit HealthCare. Alon is being recognized for using IT automation to streamline his operations and improve efficiency for both his team and his organization as a whole.

In his role as Project Manager for one of the most progressive public health associations in the world, Alon handles a wide variety of important tasks on a daily basis which are related to multiple systems. Many of these tasks were weighing him and his team down, causing them to waste valuable time and resources and reducing their overall operational efficiency. They were relying heavily on VB scripts and had to manually handle monitoring systems which sometimes sent false alarms and didn’t clearly indicate the cause of the problem. Alon realized that there had to be a better, more efficient solution.

In 2011, Clalit implemented the eyeShare product. They started out by automating services monitoring and restarts as well as monitoring different criteria and performance of the servers. Over time, this automation has expanded to include MSMQ, process execution, copying log files from hundreds of servers, monitoring files, and checking and monitoring data stage interfaces for the organizational SAP systems. They’ve even automated the daily digital signature maintenance for doctors in 1200 clinics as well as distribution of x-ray system files to some 900 clinic servers on a daily basis, saving a tremendous amount of time and resources.

In addition to streamlining operations by automating manual tasks, Clalit has also leveraged eyeShare to improve the accuracy and clarity of alerts. eyeShare helps filter false alerts from the monitoring systems. What’s more, when an alert is triggered, eyeShare checks for the root cause of the alert and sends notifications with the exact error. If the problem is resolved it sends a recovery notification as well. This has vastly improved the accuracy and efficiency of Alon’s team and others within the organization.

“The eyeShare product has created a multi-faceted solution for us, improving the way we manage our day to day workflows and improving output exponentially,” comments Alon. “What I particularly appreciate is how eyeShare is compatible with so many other products, such as SAP and ORACLE. This has made it much easier to integrate and deploy. Now, instead of time consuming VB scripts, we have a standard tool that is easy to use for every team member. You really can’t put a value on the time savings and peace of mind this has provided to us, both as a team and as an organization.”

The Super Hero of the Month program was designed and implemented by Ayehu as a way to recognize one stand-out member of the IT industry each month that is embracing automation and boldly leading their organization into the future of IT.

About Clalit HealthCare

Clalit HealhCare is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that has initiated, defined and set the health standards for the country of Israel for some 90 years. Clalit plans, builds, owns and operates its own modern health care facilities, and also leases clinic space in centrally located places, employing some 7,500 physicians, 11,500 nurses, 1,300 pharmacists, 4,400 paramedics and laboratory/imaging technicians and 9,400 administrative personnel. They continue to work toward their goal of changing the face of medicine and the health care system in Israel. To learn more about Clalit, please visit

About Ayehu

Ayehu publishes eyeShare™, the industry’s #1 enterprise-class, lightweight IT process automation solution. Deployed by major enterprises worldwide and supporting thousands of IT processes, eyeShare™ empowers your IT operation to automate simple and complicated tasks, free up scarce resources, and greatly improve service levels, all at an affordable price point. please visit

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IT Process Automation Super Hero of The Month Igor Karpel from Retalix

IT Process Automation Superhero of the MonthAyehu Software, developer of innovative enterprise-class IT process automation solutions, is pleased to announce the latest recipient of its coveted Superhero of the Month award. This month’s beneficiary is Igor Karpel from Retalix. He is being recognized for leveraging automation to streamline the company’s internal incident management system to improve accuracy and efficiency.

In his role as System Administrator at Retalix, Igor is tasked with managing incoming notifications, ensuring that these notifications are accurate and that they are received by the appropriate parties. Before implementing the eyeShare product, Igor and his team struggled with the issue of the same alerts being sent to the same people, regardless of whether they occurred during working hours or non-working hours. There was also the problem of multiple systems running scripts locally, making it difficult to manage the progress and state of these scripts.

Approximately 3 years ago, Retalix decided to give eyeShare a try and leverage the customized IT automation solutions to better streamline their tasks. They began by configuring email and other notifications within the scripts and saw results almost immediately. Over time, they also automated weekly reports and active directory check scripts. Now, instead of having to manually monitor multiple systems and manage incoming alerts, Igor and his team can focus on more critical business matters.

“The time savings has been incredible,” says Igor. “eyeShare  manages our daily tasks automatically, making our jobs so much easier. There’s no need any more to open multiple systems to view incidents – eyeShare collects all of the information from all of the different systems and acts as a centralized incident dashboard. We also love the built-in features, which have replaced the use of standard scripts. We really couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Ayehu’s Super Hero of the Month program has been put in place to help recognize one person within the IT industry each month that is doing their part to use automation to lead their organization toward the future of IT.

About Retalix

Retalix is a leading global provider of innovative, integrated software solutions and services for high volume, high complexity fast moving consumer goods retailers and distributors. Their comprehensive offering comprises a broad range of solutions for POS (Point Of Sale), sales channels (including mobile and e-commerce channels), store management, customer and marketing, merchandising, logistics and transportation management. To learn more, please visit

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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Ayehu Announces Latest IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month as Aart Hopman of Delek Europe

IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month Ayehu, leading developer of enterprise-class IT Process Automation solutions, has announced the most recent recipient of the Super Hero of the Month award as Delek Europe BV’s Aart Hopman. Aart is being recognized for his use of IT process automation to streamline manual processes and proactively improve the overall operational efficiency of his department.

In his role as IT Project Manager at Delek Europe BV, Aart is tasked with managing a great number of processes across the organization. Earlier this year, he identified a number of areas where time and resources were being wasted on manual tasks, and also determined that specific problems, like frequently running out of disk space, needed to be addressed. Upon deployment of the eyeShare software, Aart and his team began to see results almost immediately.

Since implementation, Aart and his team have been able to automate a number of critical systems processes including interface workflows, process workflows, disk space workflows, (network) status monitoring workflows and more. What’s more, disk usage is now monitored across the entire network. eyeShare checks running processes and restarts them if necessary as well as monitors critical processes. Additionally, Aart credits eyeShare with helping his department to stay on top of any and all systems issues. The result is faster reaction to critical problems and the ability to address non-critical problems before they even occur.

 “eyeShare has been a tremendous time saver for us. We no longer waste valuable time on daily tasks that can be automated. It’s also allowed us to take a more proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential issues before they become a huge problem,” mentioned Hopman.

“With eyeShare, my team is alerted of issues – often before end users are even aware of the problem. In fact, many times users are actually alerted by us instead of vice versa. This allows us to stay on top of problems in a more timely fashion and also prevent future incidents from ever occurring.”

The IT process automation Super Hero of the Month program was designed to recognize one stand-out member of the IT industry who is doing their part to lead their organization toward the IT of tomorrow and pioneering the process of automation.

About Delek Europe BV

Delek Europe B.V., a subsidiary of Delek Group, was established in May 2007 as the European energy retail and marketing assets arm of the Group. Delek Europe initiated its ‘Footprint’ through its wholly owned subsidiary Delek Benelux through the purchase of 870 Texaco gas stations and 410 convenience stores in the Benelux area. In October 2010, Delek Europe has extended its presence in Europe when purchased the retail activity of BP in France. As of year end 2010, Delek Europe network consists of approximately 1,230 gas stations and 935 convenience stores over 4 countries. Please visit

About Ayehu

Ayehu develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for IT Process Automation. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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The Future of IT Automation What’s in Store for 2013

The Future of IT Automation – What’s in Store for 2013?With the increase of IT complexity, organizations are managing more applications, databases, technologies and people than ever before. IT relies on scripting and home grown applications to integrate between the above. But scripting isn’t good enough; it is time consuming, error prone and expensive. IT automation is going to change that picture in 2013.

Here are 5 things we can expect to see as we navigate into the New Year.

A change in the way workload automation works – Over the coming months, we will begin to see a more proactive and reactive approach with “what if” scenarios. IT personnel will be able to plan, design and execute workflows that allow them to forecast and plan workflow execution across various systems. When combined with the ability to tie workflows in with human decisions, the “what if” workflow capability will provide IT departments with more a flexible and simplified way of managing their jobs across the organization.

The ability to plug in IT automation to the cloud – Bringing IT automation into the virtual and cloud resource management will allow for improved allocation of resources based on capacity and workload demands. There will be several ways to accomplish this, as highlighted in our recent how to plug IT automation software into the cloud.

Streamlining business with IT through automation – Business and IT are becoming two sides of the same coin. As business relies mostly on technology to deliver high quality services and business growth, business processes automation (BPA) enables businesses to design, execute and continuously improve business processes. IT automation solutions will play an increasingly critical role in enabling IT organizations to deliver the more robust, faster and efficient services that the businesses are looking for by enabling business process automation to execute more complex IT processes.

‘Big Data’ and IT automation will become almost interchangeable – There’s no doubt about it – the shift to Big Data is happening, and it’s becoming increasingly evident that traditional data management methods will simply not be adequate to handle all of the changes that are in store. So, what’s the solution? Automation will provide the answer by allowing IT managers to maintain control over the entire data management, access, classification, authorization processes and entitlements, making Big Data much more manageable.

The adoption of self-service automationSelf-service automation is the process of delivering high quality services with minimum cost of IT operations, where the end-user can choose from an online service catalog and initiate a process request or workflow themselves, without involving someone from IT operations. This shift toward empowering the end-user while also freeing up IT personnel to focus on more critical business matters will not only significantly improve operational efficiency, but it will ultimately improve IT service levels and user satisfaction.

As we close the books on 2012 and shift our focus toward the future, it’s clearly evident that there are a lot of changes in store, particularly in the area of IT automation. These are just a few of these changes, but expect to see a good deal more as we continue to learn and develop new ways to use automation to drive the success of our organizations.

Conclusions – IT Automation become a vital solution for business and IT – To insure IT continuity, efficiency and scalability, business will increasingly adopt IT process automation in 2013.

Have you made the switch to IT Automation yet? Don’t get left behind! download our IT Process Automation eBook and position your business for a successful year to come.

eBook: 10 time consuming tasks you should automate

Ayehu Software Releases IT Automation Pack for VMware vSphere

VMware Admins Finally Can Automate Their VM Infrastructure with No Fear and No Scripts

Palo Alto, November 15, 2012 – Ayehu Software, leading developer of innovative enterprise-class IT process automation solutions has announced the release of the new VMware vSphere integration pack for Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation solution.

The VMware automation package simply frees the admins time from scripting, reducing manual work and getting on a fast truck to VMware automation.

With the VMware vSphere integration pack, system administrators can quickly and easily design and automate complex tasks in VMware vSphere, enabling full control of their virtual infrastructure. Users have the option to choose from an extensive list of pre-packaged templates or design their own workflow processes using the built-in activities in the eyeShare workflow designer.

The Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation product is a powerful yet affordable solution designed to automate IT tasks across physical, virtual and cloud based systems through a simple drag-and-drop workflow designer. The software allows data center and IT managers to design dynamic workflows for their physical or virtual (VMware) data centers. Using simple drag and drop activities, users have the ability to design a complete task in minutes, interface to objects, run commands, communication and notifications, assign servers or virtual machines, setup triggers or events, all via a GUI with comprehensive out-of-the-box functions.

“We are extremely excited to roll out our latest software pack for VMware vSphere admins. This will provide them with access to eyeShare’s rich library of IT Process Automation templates, which are easy to use and can be implemented immediately – two critical components to quality software solutions,” comments Gabby Nizri, Ayehu’s Co-Founder and CEO. “We feel that this new integration falls perfectly in line with our cross-system integration model and will allow us to further serve IT industry professionals.”

This new integration with VMware vSphere is part of a long list of systems environments and operations that the eyeShare software has been designed to be compatible with, including ServiceNow, Jira, Microsoft System Center Operation Manager, Solarwinds, and many more.

To see a complete list of the Ayehu eyeShare VMware activities available with the new automation pack, please visit Ayehu website to learn more about the VMware vSphere integration.

About Ayehu

Ayehu develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit


IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month

LogoEn4Ayehu Names Eran Gershoni of Harel Insurance as IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month

Palo Alto, November 1, 2012 – Ayehu, developer of innovative enterprise-class IT process automation solution, has announced the recipient of its Super Hero of the Month award as Eran Gershoni. Gershoni is being recognized for the proactive approach he has taken in using IT automation to streamline the operations of the team he manages.

Eran Gershoni is a Tivoli Specialist on the Network Management Team of Harel Insurance. The company implemented the eyeShare product in January 2012 in an attempt to automate many of their time-consuming daily activities. Prior to switching, Gershoni’s team had been manually performing a number of tasks such as servers and services restarts, report production and user management. They also relied exclusively on VB scripts and used their monitoring systems to send alerts, which were sometimes false. Needless to say, these alerts didn’t always help the team to understand the root cause of the problem since no troubleshooting was done in real time prior to sending the alert.

The first process Gershoni decided to automate was the nightly servers and services restarts. Automating these processes saved them a lot of manpower resources. eyeShare also replaced many of their old scripts that had been written ages ago, and were subsequently difficult to manage. eyeShare made it very easy for any team member to manage and control their entire automation procedures. Now that the system has been fully implemented, they also use eyeShare to produce online reports that are essential to some of the business processes in the company.

 “eyeShare saved me a lot of time, especially since I don’t have to write scripts any more. Everything I want is already built in…”

“eyeShare saved me a lot of time, especially since I don’t have to write scripts any more. Everything I want is already built in,” comments Gershoni. “I also appreciate the fact that we can seamlessly use eyeShare with our existing applications and web services, which makes integration with other systems a lot easier. It provides us with a standardized way for IT automation. I can say with certainty that eyeShare is simple and easy to implement and use, and we’re already seeing significant benefits since its deployment.”

The Super Hero of the Month program is dedicated to recognizing one stand-out member of the IT industry who is doing their part to lead their organization toward the IT of tomorrow and pioneering the process of automation.

About Harel Insurance

Harel Insurance Company Ltd. is the third largest insurance group in Israel. With more than 70 years of experience, Harel provides comprehensive insurance solutions to hundreds of thousands of policyholders in all areas, including general insurance, life insurance and long term savings (provident funds, pension funds), health insurance, travel insurance, homeowners’ insurance, business insurance and motor insurance. For more information, please visit

About Ayehu

Ayehu Software Technologies Ltd. develops and markets eyeShare, a lightweight, enterprise-grade product for unified incident management. Deployed at major enterprises and supporting thousands of business users, Ayehu eyeShare helps IT professionals identify and resolve critical incidents up to 90 percent faster, minimizing their impact to the business and saving time for IT operations teams. For more information, please visit

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Integrating ServiceNow ITSM with IT Process Automation

We’re excited to release our new integration between eyeShare IT Process Automation software and ServiceNow ITSM

If you’re familiar with the ServiceNow ITSM ticketing system, you know about incident management. Well, the eyeShare integration adds automation to the reporting, resolution, and closure of incidents. Instead of manual data entry and service desk procedures, you create an automated process that accelerates incident management and resolution.

Integrating ServiceNow ITSM with IT Process Automation

Here’s a brief description of how the integration with ServiceNow works:

  • eyeShare receives alerts from monitoring system such as SolarWinds, Nagios, SCOM 2012 etc., and then automatically opens tickets within ServiceNow.
  • eyeShare executes automated workflows to troubleshoot the problem, and then updates the incident status or if necessary it will remediate the problem and close the ticket in ServiceNow after successful closure.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our ServiceNow integration and watch the video below to see the 3-way integration example between eyeShare, SolarWinds, and the ServiceNow ticketing system.

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