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Filling Out Your IT Process Automation Wish List

As the holidays approach, many of us are busy making wish lists of all the goodies we’d love to receive from our loved ones. What about your IT wish list? Have you identified areas of your day to day operations where IT process automation could make your job easier, more efficient and more enjoyable? If […]


Leveraging Workload Automation for IT On-Boarding Processes

On-boarding is a critical process that all companies must invest in when bringing new employees up to speed. Not only does this process involve introducing the new team member to the organization and its culture, it also sets expectations and helps get the newbie up and running so they can hit the ground  running productively. […]


How to Automate Your Self-Service Portal

Think about the last time you had to deal with a live person during some type of day to day transaction, whether it was making a withdrawal at the bank, scheduling a delivery or even checking out at the grocery store. Self-service portal options have become an integral part of our everyday lives, so why […]


How Robotic Process Automation is Revolutionizing the Managed Service Providers (MSP) Industry

Today’s managed service providers are being expected to meet increasingly complex client needs and maximize efficiency while also keeping costs down. In the age of digital data, this is no easy feat. In fact, staying competitive these days is something that most businesses are struggling with as the world evolves rapidly around them. Robotic process automation […]


Preparing Your Staff for IT Process Automation in 4 Easy Steps

When it comes to successfully implementing IT process automation, the first (and perhaps the most critical) step is preparing your staff for what’s to come. Setting expectations, initiating proper training and getting your team excited and on-board can make the transition that much easier. If you’re in the planning process, here are 4 key steps […]


3 Key Business Processes that Can Benefit from Workload Automation

Just a few decades ago, manual scripting and old-school batch processing were sufficient for most businesses. Given the always-on, 24/7 digital nature of business today, however, this is no longer enough to keep organizations secure, efficient and competitive. Workload automation is the ideal solution for helping companies run at maximum productivity while also saving time […]