The Benefits of ITSM Automation

Benefits of ITSM AutomationWhen it comes to the IT service management, the one universal objective all players have on their plate is that of making business processes as efficient as possible. This is not an easy feat by any stretch of the word, yet it’s absolutely critical if an organization is to maintain a steady level of success in such a highly competitive field. More and more IT professionals are realizing that the adoption of ITSM automation can help them quickly innovate in order to meet their overall business goals. Here’s why.

IT service management professionals face many challenges that can hinder their ability to achieve and sustain optimum performance. These obstacles include everything from lack of a clear ownership of tasks and initiatives to subsequent frustration due to inflexibility or poor adaptability. They also often face issues due to lack of relevant metrics needed to conduct in-depth assessments for the identification and documentation of best practices.

ITSM automation provides the solution to these and many other challenges. It also happens to be the most cost-effective tool for achieving a greater degree of efficiency, remaining in compliance and maintaining both speed and consistency across the entire organizational infrastructure – all while reducing costs at the same time. Furthermore, the right ITSM automation tool can provide more control and better visibility so that ownership and accountability are no longer an issue.

So what’s standing in the way? Given these obvious and highly impactful benefits, why haven’t more IT organizations adopted process automation for their internal operations? Well, one of the biggest reasons is the gap that exists between traditional ITSM solutions and today’s automation products. Additionally, many ITSM products were originally developed to focus primarily on data management more than process orchestration.

Because of this disconnect, and the resulting lack of flexibility, visibility and extensibility, many IT organizations have adapted by piecing together their own make-shift ITSM solutions, using multiple platforms that often do not integrate well with one another. Not only is this inefficient, but it also comes at a high cost thanks to the ongoing licensing and development needs. Furthermore, these mish mashed systems do not contain any built in ITSM-specific functionality. Instead of achieving better performance, the result is often frustrated staff wasting time duplicating work that the right ITSM automation tool would have already built in.

For optimum results, IT organizations must consider the adoption of a more well-defined and specially oriented automation product. The new class of ITSM automation solutions are feature-rich and designed to support the unique needs and challenges of the service management industry. Not only can these types of tools expedite and expand the automation process, but also improve other areas of difficulty, such as process modeling, reporting, compliance, visibility and scalability – all without sacrificing data management.

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