Top 5 IT Process Automation Myths and Misconceptions

IT process automation myths

If you ask any IT professional why they haven’t yet leveraged the power of IT process automation to streamline their manual tasks, you’ll inevitably get a number of excuses. Many of these excuses stem from myths and misconceptions that are floating around, leading people to believe that ITPA is not good for business. The fact is, these common misconceptions are simply not true, and they could very well be costing your organization money. Here are 5 common myths about IT process automation and the real truth behind each one.

Myth #1 – It’s too expensive.

Fact:  Sure, there are products out there that come with hefty price tags, but there are also other IT process automation solutions available that suit your budget. The beauty of ITPA is that if you work with the right provider, you can customize a product that meets all of your needs and leaves off any extra bells and whistles that aren’t useful to your organization. The result is an affordable solution that is fully customized to address your specific business needs and falls within your allotted budget and time constrains. If you looked into ITPA in the past and were scared away by price, you were probably looking in the wrong place.

Myth #2 – It’s too long and complicated.

Fact: While it’s true IT process automation involves a lot of functions and tasks, that doesn’t mean it’s complicated for the end user. In fact, ITPA solutions are specifically designed to be user friendly to shorten the time of implantation. What’s more, quality ITPA platforms typically come backed by a number of service options for the customer to be able to access at any time. Resources like pre-packed process templates, Integration packs, video tutorials, e-books and whitepapers, online user manuals and comprehensive support packages all make answering questions and understanding processes fast and efficient.

Myth #3 – It results in staff reduction.

Fact:  IT process automation doesn’t necessarily eliminate the need for staff as much as it allows that staff to work smarter. Instead of focusing on a number of labor-intensive manual tasks, your team is freed up to apply their talents and efforts to other more important business functions. It’s not about reducing your workforce, it’s about allocating your resources in a more efficient and profitable way.

Myth #4 – I won’t have control over the automation.

Fact: Many people mistakenly think that the word automation means that the entire process becomes automated, effectively removing the control from management. The truth is ITPA offers a flexible solution that incorporates the automation of common manual tasks with human decision points. That means that at various intervals during the automated process, when a critical decision junction that requires human judgment is reached, the process owner can be contacted, presented with the available data and required to enter a response before the process can continue. This lets you remain fully in control over your IT process automation.

Myth #5 – The process won’t meet my specific business needs.

Fact:  People often operate under the misconception that all ITPA platforms are the same. While there are some similarities and most programs come with pre-packaged workflows to address common IT functions, a quality IT process automation solution will also provide you with the ability to customize the product to suit your individual needs. The right provider will work with you to identify exactly what your pain points are, and then develop a tailor-made solution to address those points.

IT process automation has gotten somewhat of a bad rep. When you take the time to peel back the layers and address the truth behind each of the common misconceptions listed here, it’s clearly evident that ITPA is a viable, affordable solution that is both user-friendly and customizable and will effectively help your organization to streamline operations and become more profitable as a result.

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