Top Cybersecurity Challenges (and How Automation is the Key)

Top Cybersecurity Challenges (and How Automation is the Key)Research conducted by ESG revealed that an incredible 91 percent of IT professionals believe that effective incident response is hindered by the time and effort of manual processes. Furthermore, a full 97 percent of those surveyed either have already or plan on taking steps to automate and/or orchestrate the incident response process. In other words, we are moving in the right direction (but we’re not there yet). Here are some of the biggest cybersecurity challenges IT teams are dealing with and how automation can provide the ideal solution.

Staffing Shortage

Perhaps the biggest challenge many IT departments face today is the distinct shortage of qualified professionals who are skilled in the area of cybersecurity. While there are certainly plenty of folks working their way up the ranks and pursuing an education in this area, until they officially hit the workforce, the struggle to keep up will continue. As such, many organizations are turning to automation to bridge this gap and provide the protection and support that human workers cannot.

End to End Monitoring

We recently published an article that outlines why monitoring systems alone are simply not enough to maintain network and data security. A big part of this is due to the fact that these tools only cover half of the process, leaving organizations vulnerable. What’s needed is a closed-loop workflow that covers both the monitoring component as well as appropriate incident analysis and subsequent resolution. This can be achieved through automated cybersecurity incident response, which handles the process from start to completion.

Volume of Alerts

Today’s IT departments are dealing with a volume of incoming alerts that is almost mind boggling. As such, alert fatigue is becoming a huge problem. Simply put, even if they worked non-stop, round the clock, it’s not possible for human workers to handle the barrage of threats that are occurring on a daily basis. Enter automation, which shifts the burden and allows technology to do the heavy lifting, freeing up IT personnel to focus their skills on other mission-critical tasks and projects.

Complexity of Threats

Not only is the number of incoming incidents posing a significant challenge to today’s IT professionals, but the complexity of these threats is also increasing at a lightning speed. Today’s hackers are much more sophisticated, initiating much more targeted and effective attacks that are giving IT departments a real run for their money. The only way to combat these advanced persistent threats is to fight fire with fire, using automation technology to thwart would-be attacks.

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