Ayehu Next Generation



You’re almost set up with your trial version of Ayehu NG. The Ayehu NG trial will allow you to test the system, experience the platform, and realize the value of Ayehu NG and what it can do for automation of manual processes within your organization.

Let’s Get Started

You’ve received the activation code to get started with your trial license. Once you complete the registration process, you’ll be able to start using Ayehu NG fully.

Here are some important things to know:

Internet Access

Internet access is required to use the trial. Your NG Manager must be installed on a server that is internet accessible. Loss of internet access for several consecutive days will automatically end your trial.

Proxy Support

If you’d like to use a proxy with Ayehu NG, you can do so by configuring the NG Manager to route through a proxy.

In the app.config file for the NG Manager, add the following keys and their relevant values:

<add key=”ProxyUrl” value=””/> 

<add key=”ProxyUser” value=””/> 

<add key=”ProxyPassword” value=””/> 

Restart the NG Manager and all data will be sent through the proxy.

Automation Use Cases

Not sure how Ayehu NG can help your organization automate, orchestrate, and streamline processes?


Ayehu NG integrates with dozens of the top systems for ITSM, Cyber Security, monitoring, messaging, and many more.