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Workflows vs. Scripts for IT Automation

IT teams are consistently being bogged down with the increasing demands to maximize uptime, optimize service levels and minimize expenditure. Juggling multiple disparate systems while managing complex scripts only adds to the back-breaking pressure. Furthermore, with each system prone to its own vulnerabilities, others being program-specific and some scripts completely devoid of oversight, pinpointing problems […]


4 Things CIOs Should Know About Adopting Intelligent Automation

We recently shared five critical reasons why every CIO should consider intelligent automation. But recognizing the value-added benefits this technology has to offer and actually taking the necessary steps to implement it at scale are two entirely different things. In order to get it right the first time and achieve rapid and sustainable return on […]


The Truth About Self-Service Automation

By now you’ve probably heard of self-service automation, but you might be surprised at how often you’ve personally encountered it in your day to day life. In fact, if you’ve ever used an ATM to withdraw cash, rung up your groceries at the self-checkout line of your local supermarket, or ordered takeout online, you’ve experienced […]


5 Cybersecurity Myths That Could Leave Your Organization Vulnerable

When it comes to protecting your organization from the ever-increasing, relentless onslaught of cybersecurity threats, it can be easy to wander down the wrong path. In many instances, well-intentioned but overworked and understaffed IT teams end up inadvertently placing their company at risk due to misinformation or false truths. Take a look at five of […]


How to Bring IT Process Automation from Elementary to Exceptional

Have you already mastered IT process automation? Do you feel like, while automation has definitely made a difference in how your organization operates, there’s so much more that you’re not yet taking advantage of? If you’ve already automated most of all of the routine, manual tasks that once plagued your highly skilled IT workers, it’s […]


Ayehu’s Help Center – First Steps

To sign up with Ayehu’s Help Center: Access and click the Sign Up link. Fill in your full name and company name, click the Sign Up button and wait for a verification email. If you do not see the email in your inbox after a few minutes, search your Junk/Clutter/Spam folder. Follow the link in the verification email […]