Using IT Process Automation Beyond Provisioning

Using IT Process Automation Beyond ProvisioningMany organizations start their IT process automation projects with server provisioning and stop there. What they may not realize is that there are actually many more ways that IT automation can drive more value to the business. Let’s take a look at some of these ways below.

Reduce operational costs. By creating a more streamlined and efficient operation, productivity naturally increases, as does output and service levels. The results is higher performance at a lower cost overall, which is great for the bottom line.

Improve problem identification and root cause analysis. As we all learned from Target’s debacle last year, incident management is a critical part of the IT role. Determining which alerts are worth pursuing can be a challenge, and if you choose wrong – as was the case with Target – the results could be disastrous.  IT process automation helps quickly identify real issues so they can be prioritized and addressed.

Ensure consistent security. Another key step in the incident management process is properly handling potential security breaches in the most timely and effective manner.  IT process automation helps to ensure that all risks are identified and the appropriate parties are notified so the organization can keep sensitive data safe.

Reduce infrastructure complexity. When IT automation handles the majority of tasks, what’s left for IT personnel to handle is much less complex and daunting. This allows for better infrastructure management and enhanced levels of control.

Enable faster application delivery. Technology allows people to work better, faster and more effectively, which improves service levels and speeds time of delivery.

Enhance capacity management. How do you know when your servers have reached maximum capacity and are about to experience an interruption? Wouldn’t it be great if you could take a proactive approach to this important information? With IT process automation, you can keep one step ahead and avoid problems before they occur.

Help achieve compliance objectives. Identifying and reducing risk is a big part of IT management. So is keeping systems in line with ever-changing requirements. Automation is an excellent tool for streamlining all systems and applications and creating the checks and balances needed to stay on the right side of compliance issues.

Simplify audits. Nobody wants to deal with an audit, but they happen and when they do, you’d better be ready. Having IT process automation at your disposal helps you keep up with compliance issues on an ongoing basis, so that if and when an audit occurs you’ll be ready.

Ensure infrastructure and application SLAs. When an IT problem occurs, it’s the entire department’s job to get things up and running again as quickly as possible. With IT process automation, incident management is much more efficient, and this naturally results in a higher level of service by meeting and exceeding SLAs.

Attain higher server/admin ratios. We hear it time and time again: to stay competitive in the IT industry, people must find a way to do more with less. IT process automation provides the perfect solution, removing the tedious day to day operations and freeing up existing personnel to focus on other important tasks. Instead of having to hire additional staff, you can essentially optimize your existing resources and actually end up with a better outcome overall.

As you can see, IT process automation is not only a great tool for provisioning, but it can also improve operations, cut costs, boost service levels and so much more.
Are you leveraging this important resource for your own organization? 

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