Using IT Process Automation to Reduce Data Center Risk

Using IT Process Automation to Reduce Data Center RiskToday’s data centers are being placed under increasing pressures to maximize agility while mitigating risk as much as possible – the weight of which can be crushing, especially given the volatility of the present environment. Under the right conditions, the data center can spearhead new services and improved product offerings, thereby maintaining a more profitable operation. The biggest driver behind these successes is, of course, advanced technologies – namely IT process automation – to achieve optimum scalability at the lowest risk possible.

According to a relatively recent report by McKinsey & Company, research has revealed that as business processes become more and more digitized, the IT infrastructure of an organization naturally becomes a greater source of risk. Despite the fact that so much progress has been made in the way of standardization and consolidation, which has led to significant improvements in reliability and efficiency, the majority of data center leaders readily admit that their existing work environments remain frustratingly inflexible, require far too much manual effort and deliver too few capabilities.

IT process automation addresses these issues within the data center, but only if the technology leveraged is up-to-date, robust and scalable. Otherwise, the organization could still be at a significant risk. The reason this is so critical is because most data centers – particularly those in the financial sector – the workflows being automated are not static, but rather they are dynamic processes that continuously change based on the current demands of the market and the pressures of stiff competition. Data centers must be able to quickly adapt as new data sources are identified.

Ideally, the agility of the right IT process automation tool should be leveraged as a risk mitigator by enabling the data center to accommodate change and embrace increasing complexity. To achieve this, a cohesive infrastructure that involves seamless integration of all systems, platforms, programs and applications is required. This type of harmonious framework makes remaining strong and agile in the face of impending change possible.

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