The Value of Github Communities

The open source community provides a secure and compliant environment for hundreds of thousands of talented and aspiring developers to collaborate and hone their skills in a dynamic, interconnected way. With open source becoming one of the most relied upon resources, the developer community as a whole is now able to create and follow best practices, build trust and innovate at scale. Among those leading the charge with these communities is GitHub.

Being a part of the GitHub community presents a great number of benefits. In particular, it provides developers with the opportunity to learn and benefit from the contributions of others while simultaneously adding value by giving back. Contributing is an excellent way to learn more about coding and become familiar with emerging technologies and their ecosystems.

Lastly, the GitHub community offers the chance to improve on other skills that are highly valuable in the developer world, like how to make bug reports that are more constructive and therefore more helpful and how to enhance feature requests.

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