What is “Zero Level Support” and How Your NOC can Benefit from It?

Network Operation Center NOC LEVEL ZERORunning a successful IT operations requires achieving as much efficiency as possible. Most organizations do this by employing multi-level Network Operation Center (NOC) personnel. But that comes at a cost. What if there was a way to accomplish the majority of the work of lower-level NOC operations without requiring the additional personnel? With IT Process Automation, this is more than just a possibility – it’s completely achievable! It’s called zero-level support and it’s something that could potentially revolutionize your IT operations. Here’s how.

Level 1 NOC operations is typically the first line of contact for the end-user when an IT problem arises. As a result, this team handles many tasks that become routine and repetitive, which ultimately takes up a great deal of time that could be more effectively allocated elsewhere. IT Process Automation eliminates this waste of time and resources by taking these repetitive manual tasks and automating them, essentially freeing up the level 1 NOC personnel to be able to focus on other tasks that cannot be automated. In fact, up to 80% of first level NOC operations can be automated.

Some of the level 1 tasks that can be automated include:

  • Monitoring tickets, notifications and alerts and escalating issues
  • Ticket Troubleshooting
  • Restart Services, Password Resets, disk space cleanup
  • Updates and Documentation

When these routine tasks are no longer required to be handled manually, level 1 employees become empowered to do more complex tasks normally handled by level 2 NOC, which in turn allows higher level teams to take on more responsibility. This can significantly improve employee morale for your entire IT operations as a whole. Statistics have shown, time and time again, that satisfied employees are more productive and produce better output, so everyone benefits – from internal teams to end-users to external customers.

For NOC managers, IT Process Automation also makes the important job of staffing their departments much easier. When an organization has the right IT process automation tool in place, hiring a team of IT professionals no longer requires the presence of all the skills and capabilities as it would if the jobs were to be completed manually. Because so many of the manual tasks are handled by the software, the employees don’t necessarily have to possess the lengthy list of skills and experience they once may have in order to qualify.

Essentially, technology tools can replace the need to find employees that possess many of the skills previously required for these types of jobs. This allows managers to seek candidates that have other important business skills, creating a more robust team of professionals.

What all of this basically boils down to is the fact that withIT Process Automation, technology can essentially become your foundation of support – otherwise known as zero level. This makes the jobs of the other levels – from the 1st level up – as well as the management responsible for assembling highly effective, talented teams, much easier and much more efficient. This can ultimately benefit your entire organization as a whole.

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