What’s New in Ayehu NG 1.9? Turbocharged IT Automation

As our customers know, Ayehu is on a fairly aggressive release cycle, in order to keep our automation platform at the vanguard of the ITPA market. As the latest version, NG 1.9 has some incremental new features that are very cool, and we think will add a lot of value to your enterprise automation efforts.

When it comes to self-service, the most common thing that probably comes to most people’s minds these days is chatbots.

Chatbots are everywhere now. They power conversational AI for customer service, sales, human resources, and many other use cases.

It’s been estimated that in 2021, chatbots will save businesses and consumers a combined 2.5 billion hours.

So it’s no surprise that implementation rates for chatbots are increasing at a very healthy pace, as this chart from MarketsAndMarkets shows.

BTW – just to be clear, there’s no new chatbot-specific features in NG v1.9. Why then, you may be asking, am I talking about chatbots?

The answer is very simple – not everyone likes chatbots. For a number of reasons.

This graphic is from a study done by Userlike, showing the top 3 reasons people had negative experiences with chatbots:

  • Unable to solve issue and needed to speak to a person
  • The chatbot didn’t know how to solve the issue
  • The chatbot couldn’t understand the user

This indicates that as popular as chatbots are getting, they’re not the answer for everyone. That means there needs to be an alternative which can still enable self-service, but without forcing end users to interact with conversational AI.

That alternative is a self-service portal. Ayehu lets you easily build self-service portals that end users can interface with to fulfill their own requests or remediate their own incidents.

These portals are actually a natural extension of what we already do, automate routine IT tasks, and they allow you to deflect a large volume of tickets away from your help desk.

In fact, when deployed, we’ve seen self-service significantly increase first contact resolution rates by as much as 65%!

Ayehu NG v1.9 builds upon the existing self-service portal functionality that’s been included since v1.6, and adds features that make it even easier and more intuitive for your end users to take advantage of.

Let’s talk about running workflows.

Have you ever wanted to run a workflow to test it out, but it needed variables that weren’t available at test time?

Or perhaps you wanted to run a workflow in production, but just one time, and with a specific set of variable information?

With NG v1.9, you can now easily do that, and we think it’s going to be a game changer for a lot of our customers.

When you’re designing a workflow, you’ll now see a change to the workflow toolbar.

To the immediate left of the “Run” button, there’s a brand new Set Variables button. When you click it, you can set the values of the variables within the workflow you’re about to run.

A couple of other new features we want to make you aware of include the new Automatic License Registration for Web Trials. This is simply a streamlining of the registration process for people who download a free trial from our website.

And finally, we’ve made some updates to our machine learning-driven activity suggestions that should make it just a bit easier to choose the best next activity for your workflow.

If you’re interested in test driving Ayehu NG and seeing for yourself how easily you can scale up your organization’s incident remediation with intelligent automation, download your very own free 30-day trial version today by clicking here.

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