What’s Standing In the Way of You Using IT Process Automation?

What’s Standing In the Way of You Using IT Process Automation?Unless you’ve been residing under a rock for the past couple decades or so, you’ve probably heard about IT process automation. You may have even read some articles (hopefully from us) and seen some pretty impressive stats on how much this technology can improve IT operations, and business performance as a whole. Yet, you still haven’t jumped on the automation bandwagon. Why not? Well, let’s take a look at some common stumbling blocks (and how you can get over them).

Problem: Lack of Staff and/or Management Buy-In

One of the biggest reasons companies still haven’t adopted IT process automation is simple: resistance to change. This often occurs in two key areas. First, IT personnel sometimes feel uneasy because they believe automation will eliminate their jobs. Second, executives don’t see the value in investing in such technology.

Solution: If you’re going to get people on board with IT process automation, you have to find a way to demonstrate its value and benefits. You must position it in such a way so as to ease the concerns of staff members who are nervous about losing their jobs. You must also calculate ROI to provide quantifiable proof of why this technology is well worth the investment.

Problem: Lack of Money

Another popular excuse for businesses who have yet to leverage the power of IT process automation to their benefit is cost. Many still mistakenly believe that in order to get a quality automation product, they must dish out tens of thousands of dollars.

Solution: While a good product should always be viewed as an investment rather than an expense, the good news is there are solutions out there that are remarkably affordable and still provide exceptional benefits to the business. It’s really just a matter of understanding your needs and finding a product that best matches those needs while also fitting in with budgetary restraints. It’s totally doable.

Problem: Lack of Understanding

A simple failure to truly understand what IT process automation is and, more importantly, how it can be applied to one’s specific needs and pain points is another common reason for not taking the leap.

Solution: The key is sitting down and identifying which areas of the business are a waste of time, money and other resources. Once these areas have been pinpointed, the next step is matching an automation product to each need. This provides a clearer understanding of the specific benefits, which makes it more realistic to envision and ultimately jump on board.

Problem: Perceived Lack of Time/Resources

Finally, another routine excuse for not adopting IT process automation is the idea that IT simply doesn’t have the time and/or resources to bring such a solution live. The team is simply way too busy.

Solution: To the contrary, automation is designed to take much of the heavy lifting off the shoulders of overworked IT personnel and free them up to focus on other, more important things. While there will certainly be a transition that requires integration, implementation and training, the resulting ability to do more with less makes it well worth the effort.

Are you still kicking around these tired excuses for not using IT process automation in your own department or company?

Consider the solutions and learn how the right automation product can make your organization more successful.

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