Why Incident Management Should be The Next IT Process You Automate

Incident Management

We’re always hearing about how IT automation can revolution certain work functions, namely complex IT processes and workflows. What we don’t hear too often is how this powerful tool can also be used to streamline other important business functions. One of the best uses for automation is IT operations management, also known as incident management. If this happens to be on your list of tasks, here are some compelling reasons why you should consider implementing an automation tool.

Provides a more proactive approach to managing incidents. When you automate your event management function, all of your incidents will become more visible much earlier than if handled in the traditional way. This means that potential incidents can be addressed in a timelier manner, often before they have a chance to cause any serious harm. This benefits the entire organization.

Improves response and resolution times. Because IT personnel is able to view and manage incidents in a timelier fashion, the time of response and resolution will also naturally improve. In fact, the right automation product can reduce downtime by up to 90%.

Applies accountability and transparency. With manual event management, it’s much easier for things to slip through the cracks and team members to drop the ball. When you’ve got the right automation tool in place, however, everything from start to finish is visible and transparent. This ends the “blame game” and creates a more cohesive team environment.

Helps to prioritize and manage incoming alerts. Anyone working in event management knows the impact choosing the wrong event to address can have on operations. Automation helps to eliminate this risk by correlating and prioritizing incoming alerts. This allows IT to more effectively allocate resources so that the most critical alerts are handled first.

Reduces number of full-blown incidents. By adding a layer between event management and incident management, you are able to reduce the number of actual incidents that will need to be escalated. The lower the volume of unnecessary incidents allows IT to work smarter, which benefits the company as a whole. According to a presentation by CDW at Knowledge 14, implementing a quality event management solution resulted in a greater than 30% reduction in incident volume.

Opens the door for further IT automation in the future. By streamlining the event management process through automation, additional opportunities will begin to present themselves where automation could provide even more benefit to your organization.

Next steps…

Now that you recognize how automation can revolutionize the way you handle event management within your organization, the next step is determining the current position you are in. Conduct a needs assessment to figure out what your pain points are, and what you’re currently working with in terms of monitoring and event management. Specifically, will you need to integrate the two? This will help you know what to look for in an automation product.

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