Why IT Process Automation is a Must-Have for IT Operations Teams

Why Automation is a Must-Have for IT Operations TeamsIT operations teams are under increasing pressure to maximize efficiency while also reducing costs. That means they’re being asked to perform at the highest level of output without the ability to increase staff numbers. In other words, in today’s competitive landscape, IT personnel are expected to find a way to do more with less. How is this possible? Simple. By employing automation. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that can be realized by doing so.

Eliminate Inefficiency – Just about any process currently being handled by human IT operations that is manual, repetitive and time-consuming can and should be automated. This can dramatically improve efficiency levels.

Reduce Errors – As careful as we are, humans are prone to making errors. Couple this with the fact that handling mundane, repetitive tasks can increase the chances of making a mistake, and you have a potentially costly problem on your hands. Shifting these tasks and workflows to an automation tool dramatically reduces and often eliminates errors altogether.

Maximize Staffing Usage – IT professionals are highly skilled individuals. By leveraging automation, the menial tasks will be handled by technology, allowing staff to further develop their skillsets and focus their expertise on more complex and strategic business matters. This also eliminates the need to hire additional staff to handle increased demands in workload. With automation, the same capacity can handle a greater amount of work.

Improve Satisfaction Levels – With an automation tool in place, IT operations can provide a much greater level of support to both internal and external clientele. Whether it’s reducing the need to contact and wait for the help desk by providing self-service options or significantly cutting down time (by up to 90%), the result is better adherence to SLAs.

Lower Costs – How much could a system outage cost your business? What about human errors? Or, how about the expenses associated with having to redo and provide perform for previous work? These can all be dramatically reduced and often eliminated completely by rolling out IT Process Automation.

For optimum results, IT operations should include automation as part of its best practices and implement it for as many processes and workflows as possible. Not only will operational expenses be reduced and contained, but business agility and overall service delivery will increase exponentially. This creates a highly efficient and cost-effective environment in which IT operations teams can not only survive through increasingly demanding times, but actually thrive.

Not sure where to start?

Check out the top 10 automated processes and see where your IT operations could benefit from a quality IT Process Automation software.


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