8 Reasons Low-Code/No-Code Automation is the Technology of the Future

8 Reasons Low-Code/No-Code Automation is the Technology of the Future

There are plenty of predictions to go around regarding technology, and automation is almost always in the mix. Given our position in the industry, we thought we’d share some insight of our own. One area that our experts feel is going to see tremendous growth and pervasive adoption is that of low-code/no-code automation. If you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, here are eight compelling reasons why you should make this innovative technology a top priority in 2021 and beyond.

Minimizes IT Dependency

The rising demand for sophisticated IT solutions, coupled with the widening skills gap, have made it increasingly challenging for organizations to keep up. Low-code/no-code automation addresses these challenges by empowering teams across the enterprise to take charge of their own needs through tools like self-service automation.

Rapid Time-to-Market

By reducing IT dependency, low-code/no-code automation is able to convert business ideas into viable solutions far quicker than in years past. Furthermore, low-code/no-code automation software has been specifically developed with non-tech users in mind. The easier it is to automate, the faster and more effectively business problems can be successfully solved.

Advanced Intelligence

When combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, low-code/no-code automation has the built-in ability to adapt and improve automatically. As more business problems are tackled, and successful solutions implemented, the intelligent automation platform will continuously evolve to deliver increasingly accurate and value-driven responses.

Enhance Human Capabilities

Contrary to popular belief, intelligent automation isn’t part of a plot to eliminate humans from the workforce. To the contrary, its purpose is to support, promote and enhance human output. Low-code/no-code automation can handle the tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing up human employees to apply their cognitive skills to more meaningful work.


The more structured and consistent a process is, the more dependable it becomes. Along with this high level of dependability comes greater satisfaction levels, both on an internal basis as well as with customers and stakeholders. The right low-code/no-code solution can ensure that business rules are closely adhered to and the results remain of the same consistent, high caliber quality.

Decision Support

On the backend, low-code/no-code automation solutions can analyze data to provide intelligent insight and enhanced decision support. Business leaders can leverage this information to help fine-tune existing processes and forecast for future planning. Essentially, it removes much of the guesswork from the decision-making process.

Greater ROI

When the rote work is transitioned from human to machine, it can be completed much faster. Similarly, when human workers are freed up by automation, they have more time to apply their skills and expertise to mission-critical tasks. All of this equates to a tremendous boost in overall productivity and subsequent return on investment.

Business Agility

These days, it’s nearly impossible for a business to survive without agility. Organizations must be willing and able to adapt and pivot quickly in response to market changes and new opportunities. By removing the complexity of code-based solutions, it becomes much easier and far more feasible to quickly adjust one’s sails and change directions as needed. This will ultimately paves the way for digital transformation and provide the competitive advantage businesses need to position themselves for future success.

In today’s fast-paced, digital age, organizations simply cannot afford to rely solely on human effort to remain competitive. Instead, they must turn to available technologies, with a spotlight on artificial intelligence and automation. By combining the benefits of both, the enterprise will be able to not only weather whatever storm may be headed their way, but emerge on the other side stronger than ever.

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