Why Providing Your End-Users with Self Service Automation is a Must?

Self service automationThe concept of self service automation portal isn’t new. In fact, more and more industries and businesses are adopting this as a means to improve efficiency, reduce costs and create an environment of empowerment. Many are even extending the concept from internal operations to external, providing customers with convenient self-service options. Yet, the one area where this concept remains to be widely embraced is in the IT. For a variety of reasons, many IT professionals continue to insist on maintaining all of their tasks in-house. What they fail to realize is that offering end-users self service automation solution can significantly benefit their department as well as the organization as a whole.

The Benefits:

  • Better service quality means happy end-users
  • Saved time through faster management and execution of requests
  • Process and resources traceability and transparency
  • Positive end user experience with IT service management

Think about it. Why would anyone want to continue doing time-consuming, manual IT tasks for other people when those recipients could just as easily do the task themselves? Wouldn’t it make more sense to delegate those things that can be handled on an end-user basis? Self service automation allows the end-user to independently resolve problems without IT helpdesk assistance, freeing up IT personnel to focus on more critical business issues.

If the concept of turning over control to the end-user seems frightening to you, consider the fact that there are varying levels of control that can be applied. Self service activities may be fully automated without any IT personnel involvement, or semi-automated, with IT managers remotely approving procedures via SMS, email or phone call.

Using a self-service portal, users can Independently perform a range of IT tasks such as creating new virtual machine, freeing up server disk space or restarting Windows services, Unlock user account,  Reset a password and many others IT may want to give to end-users.

Self-service automation can also be used proactively to transfer ownership from the IT department to the end-user by sending alerts and notifications by email or SMS, such as password reset or expiry notifications.

Whether for test, development or production tasks requests, effective IT Service Management starts with self-service and automation solutions. Users can “order” what they need from a list of standard options in an intuitive web portal. IT staff can enable on-demand provisioning of application and infrastructure requests within minutes, with no delays. And administrators can control and track each service, from initial request to decommissioning.

What do you need to get started? Self-service portal and orchestration engine capabilities to improve IT agility, flexibility, and speed.

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